Friday, November 30, 2007

Nov 30

Today was laundry day...Always fun, but not as bad as we don't have to stay there while the clothes dry. We now have a clothes line and just have to let the wind dry them. Today was different tho...After hanging them out, Bob took me to glass bead making class. When I got out of class it was raining, so the clothes are still hanging out. Guess they needed more rain water to rinse them and hopefully they will be dry by morning. It is 7:30pm now and still raining...Keep your fingers crossed...

I made some beads today and got them strung on some black cord. They look nice.

Bob bought some Lewis & Clark trading beads today and made a necklace with them. It looks great!

This is my sister Donna! She retired from the Albany County today. She was a Social Worker and worked hard and deserves this new lot in life. I am so proud of her! Love you Donna!

We stopped and talked with Terry and Ron today. All is well at their place. We're happy about that...

We have a craft show to go to tomorrow at the QIA. Then after I need to get some things ordered for my bead making.

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