Friday, November 9, 2007

Nov 9

Today Bob spent the morning buying a hacksaw and blades and also a mini saw for the dremel tool. We cut off 2 more handles from wooden golf clubs. He then drew a whale tail and is carving it out. We're making a golf whale now...What next??? Any ideas--please send them our way.

It was cooler today, in the mid 70's. What a relief that was after the past few days.

The sunset was beautiful tonight because there was some cloud cover.
We went to the Grubstake restaurant tonight with Tom and Geri White and Ted and Hillary Klass. They are friends we met last year and they got here this past weekend. The food was great, it was the famous Friday night fish fry (all you can eat). It is actually more than you can eat. None of us went away hungry. We then stopped to look at Tom and Geri's new 5th wheel they bought before coming out here. They got a 40' toy hauler. They are using the extra space for a craft and hobby room. Sure is a nice trailer.
Gotta go and watch my Friday night show that started a couple weeks ago. They are running a series from my favorite author James Patterson. So far the show is great...

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