Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oct 30

Thank goodness it was cooler today. There was a light breeze that helped also. We went to town looking for another tiki torch. Of course we didn't find one but did get some lamp oil to use in our current one.

I took Carley to the groomer today. She was done in 2 1/2 hours and looks great! She was bouncing around so much afterwards, I think she felt 100% better and cooler. Here she sits with Bob.

Bob planted the grass today. He said I was to keep it watered so it will stay green.

We had a nice visit from Jim Canody. I worked with him at the BLM check in station last fall.

Bob and I took a drive up past Dome Rock to see how many campers had moved in. Just a few for right now but that will change soon. He brought me home and then headed back out there to do some gold prospecting. He didn't find anything but is still hopeful.

The road construction is awful. It took him 1/2 hour to get from town after he got back and that's only 3/4 mile!

The sunset was beautiful. One view from the west and one from the south.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Oct 29

Boy was it hot today. It got up to 98 degrees about 3pm when I was in town. I think I was melting!
We went to town to do laundry. Always a fun thing to do when it is so hot out. Afterwards we had lunch at Taco Mio. They have good food. While we were there, Dave Peterson walked in. I took many faceting classes with him last year. He has been in Q for a week now. It was nice to talk to him. He told us of all the classes that are starting up at the rock club.

Bob took a long nap this afternoon and I went back to town and got my hair chopped off. Our dog Carley has a hair appt. tomorrow at 8am. She was really feeling the heat today too.

We got the trailer filled up with water for the next week. Bob has to get up on top of the trailer and get our solar panels cleaned off and tilted to the sun. Maybe he can do that tomorrow.

Right now he's over at Ron and Terrys swapping stories.

Here's a picture of Carley with her teddy bear.
Also a pic of a dragon fly that landed on our antenna. Looks like he has a good grip on it.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Oct 28

I put the wrong date on the post yesterday. Woke up this morning and was watching the news and they said something about it being Sunday...Was I ever confused...
Bob headed to town with laundry in tow. He called me about 10 minutes after he left and asked if we should hook up and head down the road. We did! We ended up in Quartzsite about 4pm this afternoon. After checking in with Larry and Phyllis at La Posa North, we stopped and talked with Ron and Terry. I can't beleive how hot it is...No wonder Ron and Terry got a bigger generator to have the air on....
We got set up in our spot from last year. Got unhitched, got the satelite going and all is good. Only because it is starting to cool down. As I write this at 8:15pm it is down to 82 degrees...
I have to find the dog groomer tomorrow and get Carley in for a haircut. She is a hot dog!! Might chop my hair shorter too...
We drove by Thom and Judys place and will have to go over and meet them in the next few days. Also have to catch up with Jim, he's just down from us in his spot from last year too. I worked with him last year at La Posa North.
Have a good evening ya'all....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oct 28

We had a beautiful sunrise this morning and by accident I deleted the wrong picture. Here's one anyway, not the prettiest of the 2.

We headed to Sedona today. Took a ride up to Red Rocks State park before going into Sedona. It's nice there and they have a great visitors center. We took a picnic lunch with us and ate in the park.

After finally finding a parking place in Sedona (that was a chore, the parking lots were almost too small for our Dodge 2500), we headed out to look at the many shops. There were people everywhere! There was a shop for everything under the sun. Bob especially liked the Cowboy shop. He said he could have stayed in there all day to listen to the old country music that was playing. We wandered, looked in a lot of the shops. We found a candle store called the Sedona Candle Gallery, Inc. A guy was demonstrating candle making. He was dipping round candles in different colors of wax, cooling them and re dipping. After that he would carve different scenes on them and when they are lit, they glow and show all the different colors. We ended up buying one...You can go to http://www.sedonaazcandle.com/ to look at them. Pretty nice gifts for someone...Bob said this was my Halloween gift. Before this I didn't know we did Halloween gifts...I'm happy with it tho. Bob just took this picture of it.
On the way home from Sedona the traffic came to a halt. Cop cars everywhere! After we finally got moving again and went by the scene we noticed a travel trailer about 26' long was overturned on its side. The truck that pulled it was facing the opposite direction and the trailer the other direction. There were some scared looks on the people in the tow truck. What a tragedy for those folks. So be careful out there everyone!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Jerome Arizona

We toured the town of Jerome, Az today. This town was founded in 1876 and mining was going on from 1880's - 1950. They mined mostly copper and also gold and silver. At one time the town expanded to 15,000 people. The mines produced so much that they were making a million $$$ a month. The guy that bought the mine was worth over 4 billion $$ when he passed away. This is the
famous Douglas Mansion. Many displays of the mining expeditions were inside.
Looking out from the Douglas Mansion away from Jerome you can almost see our campsite. Also old ore cars used in mining.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oct 25th--Cottonwood, AZ

A couple of pics from our trip to the petrified forest. The logs were strewn at random. The dino was outside the petrified wood store...Kinda cute, isn't he?

We left Holbrook this morning about 8:30am (that's a first for us) and drove to Cottonwood, Az and checked into Dead Horse State Park. It is so nice here. We have full hookups with shower and restroom about 100 feet from here. We got here about 12:00pm and boy was the weather a change from what we were used to. 85 degrees and I have to get acclimated all over again.

A pic of our campsite. Nice pull thru and easy to unhook from the truck. The campsites are filling up fast. The volunteer said by this weekend all sites will be full. The next pic is of a fishing pond just down from our campsite. Might have to try it out...

This is just before we headed down the 6% grade out of Flagstaff to Cottonwood. There is a lot of haze in the sky from the Calif. fires. We saw 3 Disaster relief red cross vehicles headed that way today.

Oct 25

We visited the painted desert and the petrified forest. The colors were beautiful.

This is the Painted Desert Inn.

At the Route 66 landmark. Route 66 stretched from Chicago to San Francisco. Maybe this is one of the original cars that traveled the famous highway!

Petrogliffs etched into the rock. They drew pictures better than I can.

Local mascot at one of the stops. He has posed for many pictures.

I have more pictures but will post them later,,,having trouble with the internet right now...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oct 24

I tried to post last night but it failed. Hope this goes thru.
We went to Aztec Ruins National Monument the other day. Bob got us in with his Golden age passport. He's standing inside a Kiva, it is a ceremonial room for the Indians. These structures were built over 2000 years ago.

We left Navajo Dam and are heading to warmer weather. The other morning it was 22 degrees when I got up at 6am.
We made it back to Arizona!!!
We arrived in Holbrook, AZ and plan on spending a few days here. We are going to tour the Petrified forest today.We stopped at the OK Rv Park and got a nice campsite for a couple days. $25/night---long pull thru's. Bob almost clipped a tree with the 5er when starting to pull thru. After a few adjustments he avoided the tree...
I checked the weather today and it is only 32 degrees but supposed to top 79 degrees today.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oct 18

Bob has been having some great luck fishing. He caught these at Simon Canyon--2 1/2 miles from our campground. They were 14 - 16" fish. Last night he caught one over 20" but as he was bringing him in the big guy broke the leader and swam away. Strong fish, fast current with #22 Blue Wing Olive flies and 6x tippet. Some great dry fly action...

I was busy snapping shots of a few insects. Not an easy thing to do when the wind is blowing the branches...

We had a beautiful sunrise the other morning.

We stopped at an elk ranch 6 miles from Aztec and found this nice bull.

With all the gas and oil exploration going on here we see a lot of these pump jacks around here. I like seeing them because my dad used to work for Husky Oil Co out of Cody Wyo. Great memories.

Today we are in Aztec, doing laundry, getting groceries, etc. It is chilly here today,,only about 45 degrees and very windy.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oct 14

We arrived at Navajo Dam on Thurs. Between Moab, UT and here there was again a lot of traffic. We got backed into the campsite ok, Bob did a great job. The downside--we got a reserved campsite right next to the garbage dump and they won't empty it till Tues. When the wind blows north, it isn't to fresh smelling.
Bob went fishing yesterday afternoon..He caught 2 brown trout. This is the first fishing of this stay at Cottonwood campground on the San Juan River. They were both approx. 15". Only got one photo. It was nice to get some dry fly action on the San Juan after fishing small nymphs last spring. Both were caught on a #20 Parachute Adams.
We'll see what the river holds this afternoon.
The colors are readily changing making this a beautiful place.
I will send pictures next post!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oct 11

This picture is between Meeker, CO and Rifle, CO. Beautiful scenery that I took while Bob was driving.

We left Craig Colo this morning headed to Moab. We ran into a lot of construction so it took longer than expected to get here. We got to Moab about 3:30pm, another long driving day...The weather is a far cry from the 20 degree weather we were used to having in Wyoming. It was 88 degrees when we pulled into town. Finally didn't have to crank the heater up after 6pm.

I got some pictures of a chess set and checker set that is at the RV park where we are staying. Anyone will get a kick out of these.

The RV park is on the north edge of Moab and a beautiful park. Almost every space is filled for the night.

We'll head out tomorrow for Navajo Dam, NM. Since we spent a month there leaving Quartzsite, we are going back. We just love the place.

Oct 10

We are on the road again! We left Woods Landing yesterday going thru Laramie, Medicine Bow and Rawlins. Took the road southwest of Rawlins to Baggs, WY. Since we got a late start pulling out (staying to long saying goodbyes) we went as far as Craig Colo. We were tired after driving a little over 5 hours and just pulled into a KOA. It is a nice campground but pricey. Later on we won't pay that much down the road. We got to Craig and discovered it was 72 degrees at 6:30pm. When we got up yesterday morning in Wyo, it was 20 degrees with a cooler wind chill. This weather is nice to have again.

We are planning on leaving Craig about 10am and spending the night in Moab, UT.

We checked the gas mileage and after getting 20 MPG all summer without the trailer, reality hit us. We're now getting 11 MPG pulling the 5er.

We had a great summer and are invited back next year to workcamp at Woods Landing, SW of Laramie.
Our camp set up in Craig, Colo with Bob at the picnic table working on the GPS.
The 2nd picture is Karen and Dennis Green. I worked with Karen at Woods Landing and they have become great friends. Also Tootsie, the owners dog.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oct 4

Hello all,

We are packing up and getting ready to leave Wyoming on Monday Oct. 8th. The summer has gone fast probably only because I worked most every day.

Bob had some good times fishing and hunting with Karl and Justin (his kids).
This is Karl with a 20" cutthroat caught in the North Platte river.

We've had snow and a lot of rain since I last posted. Lots of hunters have been staying in the cabins and RV spots. There have been a lot of antelope, deer and a few elk harvested. Also one moose was taken the other day.

A pic of a moose I saw up at the boy scout camp. Her calf was hiding in the bushes to the right. We actually saw 4 moose this day. The 2nd picture is of the Laramie River with the color changing of the fall leaves. It is really beautiful around here right now.

Snow forcasted for this weekend so we hope we can get out of here by Monday. Almost everything is packed away, just need to put the slides in, hook up and GO!