Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dec 17, 2008

This is Lauren, one of my bosses and a great friend. She was decorating for Christmas!
So many days have passed since my last post. I've been busy ranching! I've had a couple ewes have some lambs, been pushed under a gate by an angry cow. Got some bruises on the backside and leg with that one. Also that day a heifer ran by me that we were sorting out of others and kicked me on the right thigh. It was a rough day at the office.
Our birdhouse decorated with lights!
We have had bitter cold here the last week. It is below zero at night, we have been plugging in our trucks and putting in diesel additive to keep the diesel from gelling up. During the day the temps have not gotten above 15 or so and with the wind chill, it is very cold to work outside. The water tanks for the animals are freezing up and we work all day to thaw water.
Thanksgiving dinner- left to right is Gary (ranch hand I work with, Bob, Jim (brother in law) and Donna (sis).
We have to get some cows and heifers bred tomorrow so we will be working them thru the chute. I just hope I don't have a run in with cow K577 again.

Loading bags of wool to take to Scottsbluff.
On Sunday, Bob and I and Carley will load up in the truck with all the Christmas presents and head to Woods Landing, just 25 miles SW of Laramie, WY. We are going to house sit for the owners of Woods Landing thru the 30th. It will be nice to be over there. We'll get to spend time with Justin, Karl (Bob's sons) and their families,as well as my sister, Donna and family.

Our house with Christmas lights.
I am also going to work in the cafe and clean cabins while I'm there. So it will be a working vacation.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dec 3, 2008

Since it has been a while since I posted, I tried to post some pics, but couldn't do it. Maybe next time...
Over Thanksgiving, my sister, Donna and brother in law, Jim came over for the holiday...They got her last Wed. evening, we had dinner and enjoyed some time together. The next morning, I woke them up at 6am to go out to do chores with me. They went with me and I think they had a good time. Jim had his camera and got some good pictures. Donna pitched in and helped me with chores. After chores, we went and checked cows on the cornstalks, noticed some cows that had gotten out. Henry showed up and said we should take a trip south of town to check out the elk. After we picked up Jim and Bob, we headed south. There is a herd of elk that we got great pictures of.
We headed back to the house to find it filled with the wonderful aroma of turkey baking in the oven.
Gary showed up before dinner and got to meet my family. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to everyone who helped...

This week has been busy. We had to fence another 2 circles of cornfields to pasture cows. We finished that today and trailered 5 loads of cows, approximately 40, to the field today. We also moved cows and calves from one pasture to one closer to the place.

The weather was wonderful the past few days, in was in shirtsleeves yesterday. This morning, a cold front moved in and it didn't get above 30 degrees. It was so cold. Days like these, I sure miss the warm weather.