Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nov 17

Well this morning started out by us going to the rock shops monthly pancake breakfast...It was wonderful--pancakes, eggs, sausage, juice and coffee. We strolled around the parking lot after because the rock club members are able to sell their good, whether it be homemade or whatever. I bought a couple pieces of sliced colored glass to make arrowheads with and a slice of dinosaur bone to make a cab with...Might attach it to a bolo tie or belt buckle.

Bob bought some bits of turquoise that he will polish up.

Got some pics of a couple of "Solar Bills" parrots.
This is my good friend Dave Peterson. We are taking knapping together and have taken lots of faceting classes together.
Here's a couple of water tanks south of town. I just thought they would make a good picture.

I'm finishing up a gem tree that Hillary and I made. I panned out some garnets that we got up in Hill City, SD and thought they would look great for the tree. Maybe a picture tomorrow of it...

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