Saturday, November 3, 2007

Nov 3

The meteor showers are starting. Officially the bulk of them will be on Nov. 17 & 18th but I saw 3 last night. So be sure to start watching the sky for the next 2 weeks.
We went to the craft show today at the QIA building. Lots of crafty people! I found one craft I'm going to try to do. Someone has taken a wooden golf club, cut the handle off and then carved a duck head to attach to it. It was then painted and they are adorable...So I had to go to the golf guy in town and buy a couple wooden golf clubs. Now I'll see how talented I am when I try to carve a duck head. If it turns out there will be pictures posted...

We drove out in the desert and got a picture of my favorite cactus--the saguaro.

Bob went prospecting again and came back empty handed. But he loves going out and he will find gold...

I took a picture of this bird today and will have to ask Judy what it is.
We had another fire tonight and it is so still and quiet out.

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