Monday, November 24, 2008

Nov 24, 2008

Today was a busy day at the ranch. After chores, the vet showed up to preg check cows and heifers. We got them corralled and proceeded to run them thru the chute to get checked and vaccinated. We had some wiley heifers! A couple ended up in the chute wanting to climb over the top. Some just didn't want to cooperate and get in the chute. We did finish with them and had 5 heifers that weren't bred.
Afterwards we got the sheep in the corral to sort. We had to tag ewe lambs that Elton wanted to keep and sort the others out that are going to the sale barn. We finished that and sorted the rams he wants to keep also.
Right before lunch Elton got a call saying that some cows were out that were put into the corn stalk field. We had lunch, then Elton and I headed out to the field. Gary and Henry stayed at the ranch, worked on the horse trailer and then ground some feed for the bull calves and heifers. We found the cows that were out of the field, pushed them back in, fixed the electric fence and tried to move a cow to another pasture where she wouldn't get out of. 1/2 way there, she found a way back in the corn field. It was dark by then, so we headed back to the ranch. Tomorrow we will try to get her back into a pasture that she will stay in.

Dinner tonight was deer tenderloins, mashed potatoes and green beans. Bob didn't want to cook them after all, so I ended cooking them after working a 10 hour day. They turned out great. Thanks to Ed and Pam for giving us a deer...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nov 23, 2008

Today was my day off and I had some time to go to an auction. There was an estate auction of a lady that worked at the courthouse and we had become great friends. I will miss her. There were a lot of great items at the auction. I ended up with some serving bowls (needed them for Thanksgiving), I paid $5.00 for 7 bowls...I also got a southwest clock with turquoise stones for $5.00. Then a crystal creamer and sugar came up and I only paid $7.50 for both of them...Don't know what I will do with them, but the price was right.
I got to see lots of my friends and had a great time.

My hairdresser, Pam, came by this morning and asked me if we wanted a deer that her husband, Ed, had shot this morning. I accepted and we now have a deer hanging in the garage to be cut up. We are having backstraps tomorrow night for dinner. Can't wait for that. Bob even said he would cook them...Can't beat a deal like that...

I also had time to make a rope basket today. It turned out great...

The weather is supposed to be fair this week thru Thanksgiving...At least in the 50's...Sure am missing Q!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Nov 21, 2008

No pictures today but we all had a great day on the ranch.
We went to the section where the heifers were and a buyer came and looked over some heifers that were bred. He chose 25 to buy. We got them sorted for him to load and take to Colorado. We then gathered the cows that were in the pasture and had a cattle drive down the road to the corn stalk field for them to graze for a while. Henry rode the horse and I took the 4 wheeler. All went well and we had no problems.
We went back to the ranch and did chores. I had to vaccinate a sick lamb and put him in a separate pen. Henry brought back some heifers that hadn't been bred.
It was windy and cool in the morning but later on it turned out nice. The temp got to about 50 with no wind.
It's supposed to be nice thru Thanksgiving. Sure hope it holds true...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nov 20

The above pictures is of us with the cows, I am in the 1st picture on the right, my boss, Elton on the left of me.
I had a busy day today. After chores at the ranch, we headed to the pasture to bring the cows and heifers in. The vet arrived with his assistant and we proceeded to run them thru the chute to preg check them. We had a great day, with the weather about 30 degrees, and things went well. The cows passed thru the alley to the chute without many problems.

This picture is of Henry, pushing cows to the chute...

After they were checked we sorted them, pushing heifers and non bred cows to a different corral.

We started about 11:30am and finished about 4pm...

I then had a hair appt. about 5:30pm and got home about 7pm. My hair looks great and am ready for tomorrow...

It's supposed to up into the 50's tomorrow and higher this weekend. I guess I won't complain about one day that is in the 30's.
I got an email from a friend in Arizona who is now going to semi-retire. He is going to be enjoying the easy living in the desert for a few months. He will have fun, there are so many things to do there.
Have a good night...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nov 18, 2008

This weekend was good for me. Sat. was a regular day at the ranch. Chores, etc...We then had to go to the south pasture a few miles out of town to sort cows. Dave owns the pasture and had some calves in with Elton's. We got them sorted and trailered them to the pasture NW of Oshkosh. There were 76 cows total to transport. I hauled the smaller trailer that held 7 cows each time. I took 3 trailers full. They moved so much and it was hard to pull them. Elton had the goose neck trailer that held 11 cows. It was a lot of trips to get them moved over.
Sunday, I had the day off and I got my house cleaned for turkey day. I put a lot ow winter stuff away in the sheds, hoses, tubs, etc. It was in the 60's that day and just great to be outside.
Monday, chores were done and then I took the truck and went to Arthur. It is about 60 miles away. Nothing but pasture land to view on the drive over. I had to go and pick up a beef that had been butchered for Elton and Lauren.
Henry, Gary and Elton got the grinder repaired and got some feed ground and mixed for the heifers and bulls.
After work Gary came over to pick up the 26" TV we gave him. We decided to get rid of the heavy TV out of the trailer to lighten the load. We're going to put a smaller 20" one in there when we get on the road again. Who wants to watch TV anyway when there is so many other things to do???
I talked to my sis in Laramie yesterday on my drive. We're planning a trip to hike the Pacific Crest Trail starting next summer. We might take a couple weeks and hike somewhere in Oregon. I want to take a month but she suggested we start out a little slower since it will be the first hike. Great idea, Donna...
They will be here next week for Thanksgiving. I am really looking forward to seeing them. I haven't seen them since Oct. 1st. Sure do miss my family!!
Gotta go to work,,, Have a great day!

Friday, November 14, 2008

More winter weather

On Wed. we did load up rams and fat lambs at 6am to go to the auction. We made it out of town by 7ish. Got to Ft Collins, CO around 11am and unloaded the sheep. Then we went in to watch sheep sell. Prices were good on some and low on others. Elton's sheep did ok. When the sheep came in the auction yard had a couple goats trained to take the sheep in the auction pen and back out. It was fascinating. After sheep sold, there were 500 goats to be sold. We watched some of them sold and I wanted to bring some of the baby goats home so bad. Too bad I don't have a farm to raise some on. But in the fall next year they probably wouldn't travel too well in the 5er...

Winter is nasty today. The wind has been blowing all day. We did chores this morning and then checked to see if there were any new calves. We found 2 new babies. We got them ear tagged and weighed. One bull calf was born with a cleft palette. Elton called the vet and took him to Ogalalla to have surgery done. He is doing ok so far.

After chores we had the day off till evening chore time.
I spent the day cleaning the house, making pumpkin pie from a pumpkin patch pumpkin, trying to install a new towel hanger in the bathroom and making a few greeting cards.

I have to complete some Christmas presents soon also. Can't say what they are in case some of you are watching this blog...

We are having scalloped potatoes and pork chops for dinner tonight and baked squash. Also homemade pumpkin pie with tons of whipped cream.

Till tomorrow, stay warm and enjoy the night...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Winter weather coming

The wind was blowing & all the tumbleweeds had a place to land. Nebraska fence line with nature's catch...

Winter weather is here. Today we had snow but it was fairly warm. This afternoon it warmed up more and just made the place mucky...

Gary and I worked in the shop today, straightening it up, putting things in their place. Looks better too.

This afternoon we worked on Lauren's chicken pen. We had to enlarge it and put a cover over it so the guineas won't fly out. The geese got a new pen with a used dog house to take cover in when the wind blows or the snow gets too deep. Lauren got 3 turkeys the other day from a lady that moved to Arizona.

We also sorted sheep today. We are taking a load of fat lambs and rams to the auction market in Ft. Collins tomorrow. We load at 6am and will try to leave by 7am. That will be a fun day.

This is a picture of 2 cows babysitting all the calves in the pasture.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nov 6, 2008

The last few days, we finished fencing the corn field. It is now ready for the cows to be transfered over. It will take a few trips to get them all over to the new field.
Gary has been installing a new gate in the lamb pen. I helped him with a couple of posts as well as Elton. We had to take turns tamping the dirt in. I am really out of shape for doing much of that.
Another project was to shovel all the stuff away from the wind breaks. That I can handle and I had an audience of 53 bulls watching me.
Today I wanted to just hitch up the 5th wheel and head to Arizona. We had 35 degree weather and wind with gusts of 50 mph and SNOW! I am not ready for that. While scooping hay into tubs to feed the sheep, it was blowing so hard and I couldn't keep my eyes open. I probably ate 2 pounds of hay and another pound in my eyes. The second trip to get hay, I put on goggles. I may have looked ridiculous but they were very helpful. This afternoon was a little less windy, but still blowing snow and biting cold.
I had to go to the store that sells coveralls and coats (the lumber store) and get a coat today. My zippered sweatshirt just won't cut it in this weather.
I also had to give a 300 lb. calf some pills today. They were the size of peanuts before you break the shells. But hope he feels better tomorrow.
Bob got 1/2 day off today. The whole town was without power from about 11:30am till 2:30pm. The house sure got cold fast without heat.
We're not going to get a break in the weather till this weekend. Another cold windy day tomorrow...
Sure wish I was in Q!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Daylight savings day

Did you all make it thru Halloween? Bob had carved a pumpkin and put a candle in it so the trick or treaters could see it when they came to the door. But--we had zero come to the door. Bob was happy about that--now he gets to have the candy he bought.

Yesterday at work, chores came first and then Gary-the other hired hand worked on getting a grinder apart. New parts were ordered and should be here on Monday. We use it to grind corn and mix feed with it for the bulls and heifers. Today a load of feed came for the bulls and heifers to tide us over till the grinder is repaired.
I worked on painting some poles that they will use to finish building a fence at the entrance to their place. I also ran to town and picked up a 55 gallon drum of oil for the tractors. I filled some feeders with salt and mineral for the sheep and still need to get one more feeder for the heifers mineral and salt.
A couple days ago I had to milk Bessie, she had too much milk for just 2 calves. I was able to take it home and use it. My cereal never tasted so good! Sure brought back memories of growing up on the farm.

Today, I went out and did the morning chores and then went with Elton to check the cows with calves. No new calves today! We did have two calves on the other side of the fence we had to move over. After that was done, they sent me home till 4pm.
I stayed busy cleaning the house, doing laundry, made lunch for Bob and me, ran to the grocery store (twice), the first time I forgot dish soap. Then to top off the afternoon, I made a cranberry orange quick bread. I just took it out of the oven and it smells heavenly! Toasted with cream cheese is the best way to eat it.

It's about 70 degrees here today. Bob got the leaves raked up in the yard and hauled off. He got out trailer parked to the south of the house yesterday and winterized it. He told me that next fall we will be back in Arizona. I'm happy about that.

This is Daisy nuzzling up to the lambs.

If you look to the SW there is a crescent moon with Venus close by. I'll try to enclose a photo.