Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nov 27

After getting a call from Ron this morning about Terry being in the hospital in Parker, we headed up there to visit them. Terry was doing ok and later reports resulted in good outcome. Better than when we first got there. We stopped in to see Ron tonight after he got home and he will be getting some much needed sleep tonight after being awake from 1:30am this morning.

I bought a couple of toolboxes today to hold all my new craft hobbies. Knapping tomorrow and glass beading on Friday!!

I found out that I am a Great Aunt again today. My nephew and his wife (Barry and Kerri) had a baby boy last night. They are all doing great...He was 7# 1 oz. and they named him Carson James. Hope to see him this summer...

My sister, Donna, only has 3 days of work left. She will be retiring from the Albany County Health Department as a Social Worker on Friday. She IS counting the days. She is so excited! She will continue to work for the adoption agency that she does part time. I hope to go on some of her out of town home studies with her next summer.

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