Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feb 27, 2008

1st picture is of Carley with her new haircut and toting a new rawhide chewy...She was enjoying the warm weather today.

Yesterday we checked in 8 people to La Posa North. 2 renews and 6 new people.

I spent the afternoon working on a new hummingbird and finished it this afternoon.

We went to the laundry today and brought home the wet clothes to hang out. They sure smell good after drying on the line.

Judy came over and showed me her flower that she beaded on wire. It is beautiful and she said it wasn't that hard. She is on to another project soon.
Here is a necklace I also finished the other day. There are some spirit beads in the project also...

I had a fire going tonight while Bob was over at Ron and Terry's. Had to leave it as soon as he came home as he wanted to run the generator and watch his millionaire show. It was nice while it lasted.

It got to 82 degrees here today. I talked to my sister, Donna in Laramie, WY., and she said it was in the 40's. She would love to sit out with a fire in 80 degree weather right now.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Feb 25, 2008

We had a fun day yesterday (Sun). We drove up past Parker, AZ 5 miles, turned right on a dirt road and went to the Desert Bar. 5 miles on the dirt road it dead ends where the parking lot was filled with cars. Dozens of people were there, live music was playing and everyone was having fun. This place is open on Sat and Sun from high noon till sunset. What a fun place!

You can look at their web site -

Here's some pics of this place.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Feb 22,2008

We have had rain most of the day. Nothing extreme, just a light drizzle. It stayed warm so it was a nice day.

Bob spent yesterday and today at the rock shop finishing his silver ring he cast. He set the stone yesterday and the ring looks pretty nice. I will post a picture after I get one taken.

Here is my 3rd hummingbird I beaded. Also I made this necklace and was happy how it turned out.

The vendors have vacated Tyson Wells area and it is now being set up for the Bluegrass Festival and the Chile Cook off.
Not much else in the news for now.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feb 19, 2008

Just a quick post tonight. I have been working on beading some hummingbirds and got a message from Judy that someone might be interested in looking at them. I took them over for him to look at and he said he will buy them from me. I am now making more in hopes that they will sell as well.

I finished a necklace with a peyote stitch with a navajo feather pattern in it. It turned out good.

Terry suggested that I make some hummingbirds and try to sell them to shop owners in Moab, Ut. when we pass through there. I've got about 2 months to get some made. I think it is a great idea...Thanks Terry!!!

Here's a picture of the hummingbirds. These guys are about the size of real hummingbirds, about 2" long. It takes me about 12 hours to complete one bird.
There are patterns out there for eagles, cardinals, owls, etc. I hope I can get these patterns as well and make some of them.
Tomorrow, Bob is going to spend the day at the rock club finishing his silver casted ring he made. He is going to put an elk ivory in the ring to complete it.
We worked at the check in station today and checked in 7 registrations in 4 hours. Working 1/2 days goes by fast and doesn't seem like we work at all.
Most of the vendors have left for the season. We have the Chile cookoff on the 23rd. It is supposed to be 3 times as big as the one last year. I plan on going to see how it turns out.
John and Marie Harris have invited us for breakfast on Sat. about 9:30am...It will be fun to get together with them and other friends.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Feb 12, 2008

On Feb. 9th I enjoyed my birthday. Bob took me out to breakfast at the Mountain Quail Cafe. Great food there. We then took a drive over to Blythe and washed the truck and got a latte at Starbucks. We headed back on the interstate, turned off at Erinberg and headed to Parker. It is a pretty drive that way. We stopped in Parker at Bashes for groceries then headed home.

Bob got the grill going for dinner and he grilled some wonderful New York Strips. Besides the good food, the weather was great and we also enjoyed a nice fire.

Sunday was laundry day again and dump day for the trailer. Always fun chores.

Monday and Tuesday we worked at the check in station. We only had 3 registrations on Monday and so far today no one has checked in. Sure makes the day long. But I take the computer and do things on it. Bob has almost finished reading his book that he started yesterday.

Tomorrow we will check out the vendors to see how many have left town. On Sunday we also went to Tyson Wells vendors. Judy called me and asked me if I wanted some craft wire. She found a vendor who was leaving the next day and had a wonderful price on some. I got a box of 12 spools, 24 gauge wire for $5.00. I usually pay $5.00 a spool at a craft store in town. I made a great deal on this wire. Thanks again Judy!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Feb 6 2008

We have been down and out with terrible colds. Bob got his last thurs. and is still bothered with it. He coughs all day and all night. Mine started Monday, I missed work yesterday because I felt so awful. Today, I'm on the mend! I have been pouring juices and water down and just keeping hydrated and resting. It works and usually my colds will be overwith in 3 - 4 days.

I got a call from Terry on Sunday when we had such strong winds. He said the big tent had blown down. I grabbed my camera and headed to the scene. I felt like a reporter getting the first scoop on the event. Here's some shots of the sunken tent. At least all the antique cars had all been moved out.
Our good friends Joe and Donna Wallingford left this area to head further south today. They stopped by to say their farewells. They even gave me an early birthday present. Thank you for that Joe and Donna, I won't open it till my birthday tho. I was sad to see them go. We have become great friends this year after meeting just last year. Hope to see them in the fall.
I finished my beading project. I made a 3 D hummingbird and then did another one just so I wouldn't forget how to do it. They turned out good. I'll get some pictures when I get them hung in the window.
Bob is off to the vendors this afternoon. He is going to buy some leather and make a sheath for my knapped knives I make.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Feb 1, 2008

February 1st---can't beleive it is here already!
More and more people are starting to leave. Now it's becoming the desert we saw when we 1st arrived in Oct. Kinda nice not to have so many people here.

I took my job application up to the Super 8 motel. Come to find out the guy that owns it is also owner of Big Market (grocer) downtown. He said he would hand it over to the shift supervisor and have her give me a call.

I have been taking a beading class since last Thurs. I took 3 classes and finished my project, also while doing some of it at home. I made a 3 D hummingbird. It was a difficult thing to do but fun too. I counted up the hours and it took me 12 hours to complete. I was working with seed beeds and boy is that a challenge, might have to get a magnifying glass next project.

John, Marie and I are headed to Mexico today. John has a dental appt. and I am going to get my eyes checked.

Bob ended up with a cold yesterday morning. He spent most of the day in bed and will probably do the same today. Sure hope he doesn't pass it to me.

UPDATE 9:16pm
I did go to Algodones Mexico today. I had a blast. I got new glasses at Algodones Optical. $119 total cost for transition lenses, bifocals, frames and exam. They were done in 2 hours.
John had some dental work done. While he was there, Marie and I went shopping and had lots of fun. Got some Rx's and had lunch of fish and shrimp tacos. They are wonderful! I'm hooked!
It took 2 hours in line to get out of Mexico. Not a bad wait.
We then went to Mr. Lu's Super Buffet (Chinese) 1960 E Palo Verde, Yuma AZ. for supper. My gosh the buffet was huge. It is well worth going to. The food is fresh, tastes great and you go away very full.
It was a great day and I thank John and Marie for allowing me to tag along with them.