Sunday, May 4, 2008


I forgot to post a great picture after we took a ride up the canyon along the Colorado River the other day. We stopped at a forest service campground and had lunch. I loved the Flinstones picnic tables!

We left Moab this morning at 9am. Bob drove to the interstate, I drove to Rifle, CO and he took over again to the next interstate. Then I drove into Rawlins.

Got some pictures along the way, and we are glad to be here. We pulled into the RV World Campground at 5pm. So it was a 8 hour day. It wasn't too bad until we quit driving and sat down in the trailer. Now we don't have the energy to do anything.

While driving from Meeker Co. to Craig, CO. there were so many deer and elk hit by vehicles alongside the road. I counted 15 elk and 40 deer in a 45 mile stretch. After Craig, CO. the numbers increased.

Snow is seen on the mtns of Colorado. We ran into some construction outside of Rifle, Colo.
We made it to WYOMING...YEA!
Our campground in Rawlins Wyoming. We will spend a few days here, check out the North Platte River for fishing and just enjoy being back home to Wyoming.

Leaving Moab

After spending a week in Moab, visiting Arches National Park, the Canyonlands and a few shops around town, we are headed to Wyoming today.
We were going to leave last Thursday but the weather in Colo. and Wyo. kept us here 3 more days. Lots of wind and snow settled in during the week.
Now we have warmer weather, the storm has moved east and we're on our way.

We're going to try to make it to Rawlins, WY tonight. About a 10 hour drive. We'll be tired and grumpy but at least we'll be in WYO.

Bob caught a terrible cold a couple days ago so he isn't feeling too well. I keep trying to have him take something for it, but he won't. So I guess he will just wait it out and get better when it's over.