Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dec 30 & 31

Getting close to the end of the year, so I had better post quick...

The last 2 days I spent going 4 wheeling on a 4 wheeler that George let me use. Today, I went to the mountains east of us. Quite a long way too. I ended up finding some old gold mines and found 4 of them. As I proceeded further down a road, it turned into a wash and I didn't find a road for quite a long time. I had my dog with me. After a fashion, she just laid down in the back part of the 4 wheeler and was in for the ride. Here's some beautiful shots I got with my camera while out exploring.

Here's a gnarled old ironwood tree.

And a picture of a teardrop trailer being supplied with energy from a solar panel.

Bob, George and I went to Algodones Mexico today. We picked up some RX's and a few other things. Lunch was at an outdoor restaurant. The wind came up and it was pretty chilly for a while. Here's George and Bob at the entrance, Me and Bob at the restaurant and the checkpoint going on the road to Quartzsite.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dec 27

I haven't posted for a few days,,too busy with the holiday rush. We survived Christmas!!!

Santa was good to both of us. We got phone calls from family in Wyoming and talked with other friends on Christmas. Bob and I went to dinner at La Casa del Rancho. They served a wonderful turkey or ham meal. It was great but I had to bring leftovers home. Turkey sandwiches for supper that night too.

The wind blew around 35 - 40 MPH all day on Christmas. Sure was a good day for staying inside. We watched some of the Walt Disney Christmas parade.
On Wed. we put up the snow goose wind kite that I got from Santa. It flies great in the wind. Last night tho, the wind blew hard again and I had a hard time sleeping, thinking it might blow away. Don't know why I just didn't get up and take it down. I think of that now that I'm awake and the wind is still blowing hard.

Our friend, George Eppler, from Glendo, WY stopped yesterday with his new 5er. He bought a Cyclone toy hauler in Casper and has been traveling in Colo., NM, and Ariz., for about a month or so. He is staying in Quartzsite for about a week or so. We all went down to the Prospectors Store yesterday. He was interested in buying a metal detector. They were able to help him out and after we got home, Bob and him got together learning about the detector and I'm sure telling some great stories. I made spaghetti for supper, George brought the wine and it turned out to be a great evening.

Today, Bob and George are looking into solar panels for his new rig and later they will go out prospecting.

George also brought his 4 wheeler down and I went for a ride on it last night. Boy was that ever great! I will get one, one of these days.

Here's Bob and George telling some more stories!!!
George and Bob went out to try out the new detector this afternoon. George purchased a Mine Lab Eureka Gold detector and found a piece of magnetite and also a small piece of metal. He was happy that he has some new info about the detector. If the wind has died down tomorrow, they will probably go out again. But here is George on his first run with the Mine Lab detector.
He is coming over to dinner tonight after a bit. I'm making chicken fried steak, potatoes, corn and deviled eggs.

Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight and not have to worry about the snow goose kite fly off somewhere over the Kofa Mountains. If he does fly off, I might take an extended hiking trip to retrieve him.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dec 23

We headed to Parker today to see if we could find some oysters and fruitcake. On the way there I spotted 13 hawks on the wires looking for food. We got to Parker and went to Bashas, whom Ron called last night to confirm they would have these items. Much to our surprise we found both items. We had scouted around Quartzsite and Blythe and no one carried either item. We picked up a few things for Terry also. He's going to be doing some baking in the near future.

We also stopped at Dollar General to pick up toilet paper and paper towels. We took the road south of Parker towards Ehrenburg on the way home. I got some photos taken along the way back. These cranes were out in a field. There were only about 8 of them. These birds winter in Mexico so they just stopped to refuel!
As we were driving along, we spotted some cotton fields. They were being harvested. Tons and tons of cotton. 1st picture is a closeup of the cotton plant. 2nd picture is the harvest and 3rd picture is the BIG bales of cotton.
You can see several bales in the background.

We noticed that the crops are still being flood irrigated today. Where we come from in Wyoming, the crops would be under a bunch of snow by now. It was a good day, getting the items we needed, seeing some crop producing ground and just enjoying the drive.

I have to thank Ron for making the phone call last night to check on the oysters. Hope Terry and Ron enjoy their oysters we brought back for them.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dec 21

Bob went to wax carving class today. He's still working on the ring he started on.

While he was there, I had to get water for the trailer. Then I made some stuffing for the rock club dinner at noon today. I managed to get it all done and be in town by 10am. I checked the mail, hoping my package from Thompson Enamel was here. I ordered some glass to make my beads and later called them and found out I had it shipped to Quiet Times. But now I won't be getting it till Monday, since they are closed Thur - Sun. Darn!!!

The dinner was wonderful put on by the rock club. We all ate too much and won't be eating dinner tonight.

I took this picture this morning before the sun came up. Looks like the jets beat the sun up this morning.

The B-10 road was closed today on the west end. Hopefully they will be getting thru with the construction soon.

The sunset tonight looked like the sky was on fire. The picture didn't turn out as good as it looked tho.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dec 19

Bob found this nugget this afternoon. It is the biggest nugget physical size and was down in the ground about 3-4" . It weighs 11.0 grains.

He was excited when he found it and can't wait to get back out there.

We saw a roadrunner outside our door while we were having lunch. Of course the camera was in the truck. Bob went outside anyway, got the camera and managed to snap a pretty good picture. The roadrunner wasn't too scared of him.

The sunrise was really beautiful today...

I spent the day making iris folding cards. Then onto the "hobby room" and I made a few beads.

Bob came home this afternoon after prospecting and pulled a very TALL box out of the truck. It is probably 5' tall...He said Santa dropped it off...NOW I can't wait for Christmas. I'm like a little kid at Christmas...

I talked to my sister the other day and she said when I was little I would open the packages early to see what I got and tape them back up. I don't remember that...

Carley, our Cocker Spaniel, even has a few presents this year. The thing I miss most about living in a 5er is not being able to put up a large tree. But we have some decorations around and it looks good.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dec 18

We worked at the LTVA again today and it was pretty uneventful. We only had 4 registrations. Few and far between....
One person came in and filed a complaint. We took it and informed the ranger and he will deal with it. That's all we can do about complaints, take them and report them to the appropriate personnel. We don't make judgements, we just state facts of what has happened.
Ron stopped by and I tried to pilot his helicopter. I'm not an experienced pilot yet and it just kept crashing. It was a good laugh tho.
Larry, camp host, brought me over a piece of homemade bread right out of the oven. Boy was that ever good. Got to get his recipe for that!
Not much else happening today, so this is going to be the short post today.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Dec 17

We started today by working at the check in station at the BLM La Posa North. It is located about 1 mile south of Quartzsite. I worked here last winter with Jim Cannody. He is in Alaska right now and Bob is working with me. We checked in 4 short term (2 - 4 week) permits and one long term that ends on Apr. 15th. Bob and Sandy starting the day and 2nd picture is Ron and Bob talking outside the check-in station.
I had a special badge made up for my vest that says "Don't yell at me. I'm just a Volunteer."

We had a lady come in and said she was attached by a dog that lived near by in a camper with its' owner. The dog had been running loose and it came up and got her on the arm. She was lucky to be wearing a long sleeved sweatshirt. We contacted the camp host, Larry Seal and he proceeded to contact the BLM ranger on duty. The ranger arrived and waited till the Quartzsite K-9 police unit arrived.

The ranger and policewoman talked to the victim and then talked to the suspect. He was issued a citation for having his dog off the leash and leaving it unattended for long periods. He was given a warning about collecting native wood on the BLM land and about not cleaning up his dog feces. If he doesn't comply he will get evicted.

We were wondering if we would have to send Ron's Life Flight helicopter over if things got out of hand. Luckily we didn't have to call for backup.

I just looked outside after Bob came home from Ron's and Terry's and 3 police cruisers went flying by with lights going. Somethings going on back in the desert.

Bob was over at Ron's and said that Ron has mastered his remote control helicopter very well. He has it lifting off the ground, cruising around and landing to perfection. Now Bob wants a small helicopter. Guess I'll have to get him one for Christmas. Bob got his large helicopter charged and hopes to be able to try to fly it soon.
This is BOB getting some of the sand and dirt off of the shale. It looked like a real promising spot for gold to collect. So he went out and swept out some crevices. He brought it home and put it thru the spiral pan and didn't find any gold.
Bob got some packages mailed off to the families in Laramie this morning. He had to wait in line for 45 minutes but hopefully they will get there by Christmas.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dec 15

We started the day off by going to the rock club's monthly pancake breakfast. It was good as usual. They served pancakes, sausage links, scrambled eggs, juice and coffee. Quite a few people showed up. Some of the members set up their wares on the tailgates of their vehicles and sold them to other members. Great way to do some close Christmas shopping.

Bob and I bought a model remote control helicopter today. It is supposed to fly! More on this later. Maybe we can put a camera on it and fly with the reindeer??

Bob changed the oil in the Honda 2000 generator this afternoon. The Honda's a gem and well worth taking good care of. He also checked the air filter and it was ok.

We filled the tanks with water and dumped the black and grey water. With the bigger dump tank we changed to, dumping is a lot easier.

This evening Bob was remounting the DETacc amp that sticks to the side of the Minelab metal detector with velcro. He also cleaned some of the desert dust off, not that the cleaning will last long.

These nuggets are the take so far this winter taken with the Minelab GP 3000 metal detector. Not enough to buy a tank full of diesel but fun never the less. Just think, when you dig one out of the ground, it's the first time it's been seen by man ! ! Cool Stuff! ! !

Is this the Rhinestone Cowboy?

Here's a better picture of our Christmas lights. You can kind of see the American flag and Wyoming flag in the background.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Dec 14

Windy again today and COLD! It didn't get over 58 where we were with the wind blowing it was a lot colder. I had on a sweatshirt and coat to stay warm in the wind.

We visited some vendors this morning. Checked the mail, went to the library to check out some more books. I picked up 2 books by Jonathan Kellerman (good author) because I'm finishing one now and need a couple more to read next week.
Bob and I will be starting to volunteer at the check in station on Mon and Tues. We were asked by the camp hosts the other day and decided to go ahead and work. We worked there last year and had fun doing it. These days are our slow days so it should work out good.

I spent the afternoon at the rock club. I shaped some arrowheads that I can finish at home. That will only take a short time, but I enjoy it. Pictures to follow when I finish them.

When we were out I got some pics of some Christmas decorations.

I was wondering if this is the Quartzsite airport? We found the hanger but see no runway...Planes are there but no pilots...Makes me wonder????

Bob got our headlight fixed on the truck. It was dim when we turned on the headlights and come to find out, when we had a mouse chew through our wiring harness last year, when it was fixed the mechanic fixed it, it wasn't spliced good. But now it is fixed and we have headlights again. Bob also picked up some diesel injector cleaner for the truck. He said it will help with the gas mileage. Right now we are getting about 17 MPG. At 3.22/gallon it will be great if it helps. We had to get some gas for the generator tonight. With the cold weather, we are staying inside more and using the generator more. The heater has been turned on in the evening and first thing in the morning, so we have to keep the propane topped off also.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dec 12

Tis the season! Our Christmas tree lights on our "pine?" tree.

We went to some of the vendors in Rice Ranch and up on the main road in town today. I got some shots of some of the things that were being sold. The horse is a picture for my sister, Jan!

It was windy and cold again today. This morning it was 36 degrees before the sun came up. Frost on the truck window too!!

Since it was so chilly this morning, Carley just had to put on her new coat that my sister, Donna & I made her this summer..
Don't forget to go outside about 2am in the morning and see the giant meteor shower. It is supposed to be a great one. I saw one meteor last night. Also in the East the last couple of night there seems to be a gold star shining. Go take a look!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dec 11

Sure was windy and cool today. Bob went to town to do some Christmas shopping, came home and hadn't bought anything...Darn..

We then went back in and I got a few needed things at the Family Dollar store, paper towels, garbage bags, Christmas paper, garland...Essentials!

During the rest of the day, I knapped a couple of knives, got on the computer, read and now am cooking supper. Swiss steak tonight...

Here's a pic of my new hobby room inside, set up with the bead torch and accessories.

Also, we have 2 new flags! The others were so faded and worn out by being outside for a whole year. The state flag is Wyoming..

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Dec 8

We joined a bunch of rock club members this morning at 9am to do the highway cleanup. The club has adopted 2 miles of Hwy 95 and we clean it up 2 times a year. Afterward we all join in for coffee and donuts. 24 people showed up and it took about 45 minutes.
Afterward we stopped at Joanne's and Virgil's to look at the spiral pan they use for finding gold out of dirt they bring back from the desert.

We talked about the tent they have set up by their trailer for doing this so after we left we headed up to K & B tools to see how much one would cost. After we talked to the guy helping us, we ended up getting the parts to put one together. We got home, started assembling it and wound up fighting instead. Bob had different ideas than mine and after a couple hours of this, he finally called Terry to come and save us. We had to make a run back to the place for 4 more poles because the guy forgot to tell us about them. Terry helped us put it all together and here is the result. Thanks Terry... Before and after!
I will do my bead making out in this little room. It will be out of the wind and I can do it anytime of the day now. Now I just need to get the glass ordered, which I will probably do tonight.
This is my Christmas present! Great gift, I think..
Bob wasn't able to go out and prospect because of the all day project. He will have to take all day tomorrow to have to himself.
Well, time to make dinner...We're having pork chops and summer squash I got at the produce market.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Dec 7

Windy day today. We had a few rain sprinkles but mostly just dark clouds. Bob went to get water and get the trailer filled up in case we couldn't get out when the washes were full... Ron warned me yesterday that we could wash away with the rains...
I was outside at 3pm today taking my dog out and I heard the strangest sound. The coyotes SW of us were howling in broad daylight. Are their clocks messed up? Then walking in the wash, I noticed sprouts of weeds ? starting to grow. They are getting moisture somewhere.
Bob came home from town tonight with a sack full of Christmas ornaments, candy canes and lights. Now I can really get into the Christmas and holiday mode.
Bob's son Karl is thinking of buying a drift boat to fish in this next summer. He sent him a bunch of pictures. It looks like a great boat and can't wait to see if he gets it.
Bob has gotten into buying old trade beads from when the traders and Indians basically started trading beads. He found a strand of Russian Blue Cobalts that were traded up and down the west coast and were used by the Hudson Bay co. to trade to Indians for fur pelts.
He has also collected some white heart beads and chevron beads used for the same purpose. Most of these beads are over 200 years old. It is amazing that they have survived this long.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dec 6

Bob spent the morning at class doing lost wax carving. He created a ring with an elk tooth in it. It looks great and I hope he can cast it in silver.
While he was there, I spent the morning making glass beads outside at the picnic table. It was hard to do with the sun bright as it was and then a breeze came up and I had to stop. I need an enclosed place to make these beads. I did get quite a few done tho.

This afternoon we went to the rock club meeting. During the meeting Bob started feeling ill and spent the rest of the time in the truck. He then came home and headed to bed for about 1 1/2 hrs. After he got up he was feeling somewhat better.

I got a beautiful picture of the sunset once again. This place has such beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

I ran to the grocery store and who would I bump into but Ron and Terry? Then headed over to the post office and they were there too...

I got my Christmas cards mailed out and just have to mail some presents to the family.

We're going to watch Survivor tonight, only a few episodes left...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Dec 3

After fixing breakfast for Bob at 10:30am, I finally got him to go to town about noon. I had to go to the library to take a book back and I picked up a couple from a different author. I checked out Robert Parker - Jessie Stone series. He had a movie on TV the other night called Sea Change. Great movie and hopefully the books will be better. I have been reading some by Lee Child and Jonathan Kellerman. They are mystery novels which I just love.
I don't think I read as many as Ron does, but do read quite a few.
We stopped by this place today. Trudy's Poppin' Johnny Ice Cream, LLC. She makes all her own ice cream. It is made on site and she uses fresh fruit (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, peaches) and also has a special going right now--Pumpkin Pie ice cream. I had some of it today and boy was it delicious. She said she puts the whole pie in there, crust and all. It was truly wonderful. We'll be sending all our friends there this season. So far she has made 80 gallon of ice cream and it's only the 3rd of December. She is located in Rice Ranch---east off of Hwy 95 on the right hand side. Just look for the John Deer Tractor turning the ice cream machines. You will go back again and again.

Bob went prospecting today to find a target he located a few days ago. The weather has kept him from going out. Wind a couple of days and then the heavy rain storm and then more wind. He got home early and brought a new nugget he found. It was 8.4 grains. He found it about 12' uphill from the other nugget he found and about 4" deep. Now he is going to hunt the area really hard and see what else he can pull out of the ground.
The new nugget is on the right of the dime..
Ron came over and worked on my computer for a while. I was having trouble backing up the files, but everything looked ok.
I got 2 items from Terry that he wire wrapped for me. He did a wonderful job on them. He is very talented and does excellent work.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dec 1

Happy December!!!

Well, now it's time to get into the festive mode!!! For those who want too! The sunrise was pretty with all the clouds over the mountains.

We went to the craft show today at the QIA building. Some new vendors showed up and some of the old ones I was looking for weren't there.
Afterward we went over to a bead store in the Rice Ranch area. Bob has been interested in the old trade beads that were used hundreds of years ago. This shop has a lot of them, so he got a history lesson as well as buying some. The ones he bought were over 200 years old. He's going to string some for a couple of necklaces.

I got some smaller glass beads to incorporate into the beads I am making.

We stopped at a couple other vendors in town also. One place we stopped at was trying to pull his tent back together. With the rain and wind last night and today, he had some cave-ins and his stuff was all over the soaked ground. We decided to get back to that one after he got reconstructed.

There was quite a rain storm last night. Lots of standing water all over town and in the LTVC areas.

I finished my knife I made in knapping. I think it turned out good. Also a picture of some of the beads I made in class yesterday.