Friday, November 30, 2007

Nov 30

Today was laundry day...Always fun, but not as bad as we don't have to stay there while the clothes dry. We now have a clothes line and just have to let the wind dry them. Today was different tho...After hanging them out, Bob took me to glass bead making class. When I got out of class it was raining, so the clothes are still hanging out. Guess they needed more rain water to rinse them and hopefully they will be dry by morning. It is 7:30pm now and still raining...Keep your fingers crossed...

I made some beads today and got them strung on some black cord. They look nice.

Bob bought some Lewis & Clark trading beads today and made a necklace with them. It looks great!

This is my sister Donna! She retired from the Albany County today. She was a Social Worker and worked hard and deserves this new lot in life. I am so proud of her! Love you Donna!

We stopped and talked with Terry and Ron today. All is well at their place. We're happy about that...

We have a craft show to go to tomorrow at the QIA. Then after I need to get some things ordered for my bead making.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nov 28th again

Just got the cutest picture of my new Grand Nephew!! This is Carson James!

Nov 28

I once again went to knapping class today. I had fun, fun, fun...I finished these 5 today. 3 arrowheads, 1 knife point and 1 spear point. It's getting easier all the time. But today I ended up with a couple little glass cuts on my index fingers.

Bob and I had lunch at Taco Mio. Great enchiladas!
We then scouted around town for a pipe cutter, bead spacers and copper wire. Got everything we needed and now all I have to get to make glass beads with is the torch and tank and crushed glass. I have a source for it and will be ordering it soon.
Bob headed out to check out a target he found on his metal detector yesterday. It turned out to be an old boot tack but he found another one he is going to check out tomorrow.
Homemade potato soup for supper---so, it's time to eat and watch "Who wants to be a Millionaire."

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nov 27

After getting a call from Ron this morning about Terry being in the hospital in Parker, we headed up there to visit them. Terry was doing ok and later reports resulted in good outcome. Better than when we first got there. We stopped in to see Ron tonight after he got home and he will be getting some much needed sleep tonight after being awake from 1:30am this morning.

I bought a couple of toolboxes today to hold all my new craft hobbies. Knapping tomorrow and glass beading on Friday!!

I found out that I am a Great Aunt again today. My nephew and his wife (Barry and Kerri) had a baby boy last night. They are all doing great...He was 7# 1 oz. and they named him Carson James. Hope to see him this summer...

My sister, Donna, only has 3 days of work left. She will be retiring from the Albany County Health Department as a Social Worker on Friday. She IS counting the days. She is so excited! She will continue to work for the adoption agency that she does part time. I hope to go on some of her out of town home studies with her next summer.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nov 25

Sunday is dump day. I always dread this day after what happened right after we got down here last year. We had gotten a "Blue Boy" to dump the tanks into. After filling it, we drove to the dump site, hooked up the sewer hose and Bob got into the back of the truck to lift it up to drain. I was standing at the tailgate of the truck with my foot on the end of the drain and all of a sudden---the sewer hose came off the Blue Boy, covering me in all the waste from the trailer. I wasn't a happy camper!
After that we got a 50 gallon tank with a more suitable way of dumping.

The dumping went well today and we got some water to fill the trailer.

On our way home we noticed that Virgil and Joanne were at Ron's and Terry's place. We stopped and talked with them. They had their generator stolen awhile ago. The guy in question was apprehended but released---no proof. Even tho his footprints matched the ones outside their trailer...Go Figure!!!

Ron mentioned Terry is still under the weather and Ron himself wasn't feeling all that well today. I told them I would bring dinner over to them tonight. I made homemade chicken pot pies, salad and garlic bread.

Got a picture of the ultra-lite guy that was flying over taking pictures of the campers on the ground. He sells aerial shots of the peoples "homes" in the Q desert. If you want one of your place he is in the Rice Ranch selling pics.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Nov 23

It was laundry day today. We washed the clothes in town and brought them home to hang outside on the line to dry. I had 1/2 of the clothes hung up and poof, the clothes line fell to the ground. My language was not to good at that point. I could just see having to go back to the laundromat to rewash them.

Bob got the clothes line restrung, and I rehung the clothes. Luckily they didn't suffer too much dust.

I went into the rock shop about 1pm to take the glass beading class. What a lot of fun that was. I managed to make 15 beads and they didn't turn out too bad. I am taking the class again next Friday also.
I tried to light the oven tonight and it wouldn't light. We were out of propane. So we loaded up the 2 tanks, one was already empty and hadn't been refilled, and headed to town. It was 5:50pm and we were lucky enough to find the Pit Stop open till 6pm. So that is taken care of for a while.
It was windy and cool here all day and tomorrow the wind continues!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Nov 22

We watched part of the Macy's Day Thanksgiving parade and part of the football game with the Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions. Packers won the game 37 - 26 !! They are my favorite team also!!

We headed into town about 1:15pm for lunch at La Casa Del Rancho. They had a delicious Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the fixin's. We were so full when we left we won't even think about supper tonight. Afterward we took a drive around town a little bit and then headed home. Bob was so tired, he took a nap and I started another project.

We did get the pelican finished. I love it, Bob carved it from a picture in a bird book and did a great job.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nov 21

I went to knapping class this AM and finished 2 arrowheads and a knife blade later this afternoon. The knife blade picture is being held up to the light as well as on the table. I'm happy how they turned out. When I was a kid I always wanted to run away and live with the Indians. Maybe I could have been an asset to their arrowhead and knife making!

Another beautiful sunset tonight.

This is the nugget Bob found compared to a dime..

While at the rock shop today, one of our friends ,Virgil, from La Posa West was telling us on Monday night someone came knocking on his door asking for a flashlight because he lost his keys in the dark. They gave him one and he asked them if they wanted the flashlight back that night or in the morning. They said morning would be ok. Well, the next morning, they went out and found the flashlight on the step and their generator was gone. The guy had used bolt cutters to cut the chain holding it to the trailer and got one of their neighbors generators also. He drove by the place shortly after that and Virgil stopped him and said he wanted his license plate #. The guy didn't like that and took off. He got the # as he was driving away, ran in and called the sheriff and he got there in record time. They got to the guys place (he was actually staying in the same area), arrested him and he is in jail now. Another guy was arrested also. They impounded his trailer and vehicle and also found a stolen 4 wheeler, motorcycle, the 2 generators and new helmet. Hope these guys fry!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nov 20

We went to the rock shop this morning and I took the dinosaur bone rock and made 2 cabs with it. They will be good for bolo ties, etc. Bob worked on 5 pieces of turquoise he bought on Sat. They turned out beautiful. One of them has a piece of opal in it. He's planning on casting rings to put them in.
After we headed home for lunch. He then worked on the pelican he has been carving to put on a golf club driver. It might be ready to paint tomorrow.

He then went out prospecting. Here's the nugget he found! Pretty impressive!!! It weighs 14.83 grains. We had to go over to Rons and Terrys to show it off. They seemed to like it too. We stayed and talked with them awhile, watching new neighbors pulling in.

Home for dinner with Cashew Chicken Stir Fry. Tastes really good.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Nov 19

Bob started his day by going to wax carving class. He ended up enjoying it thoroughly and made 3 wax cast rings. He loves doing this kind of thing so he plans on going back to the next session.
We went to lunch at Janet's Kitchen. Big portions and great food.

I took Bob back home, he was sleepy after lunch and headed back to town for some more wire to make more trees. I noticed this interesting object on a flatbed trailer at the gas station. Don't see too many of these driving around...
Also found this guy that has a whole lot of firewood for sale. Doesn't list the price tho.
It was hot here again today, our temp here said 91. The news station said this is a record heat for November. Sure glad to hear that..ha ha
I made 3 wind swept trees today. They are fun to make and don't take that long.
It has finally cooled down to 71 degrees at 7:30pm. Finally bearable in the trailer.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nov 17

Well this morning started out by us going to the rock shops monthly pancake breakfast...It was wonderful--pancakes, eggs, sausage, juice and coffee. We strolled around the parking lot after because the rock club members are able to sell their good, whether it be homemade or whatever. I bought a couple pieces of sliced colored glass to make arrowheads with and a slice of dinosaur bone to make a cab with...Might attach it to a bolo tie or belt buckle.

Bob bought some bits of turquoise that he will polish up.

Got some pics of a couple of "Solar Bills" parrots.
This is my good friend Dave Peterson. We are taking knapping together and have taken lots of faceting classes together.
Here's a couple of water tanks south of town. I just thought they would make a good picture.

I'm finishing up a gem tree that Hillary and I made. I panned out some garnets that we got up in Hill City, SD and thought they would look great for the tree. Maybe a picture tomorrow of it...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Nov 16

Bob found this little piece of placer gold stuck in a crack in some exposed Quartz,,,go figure. It must have slid down the hill and lodged in the crack. Oh well, still a piece of gold. Must be about an 8 grain piece, nice and smooth and must have traveled some distance before finding a hiding spot.

We went over to the craft sale at the senior center. Not as big as the QIA one but saw some new faces. Lots of great crafts for Christmas presents.

I got some more wire to make another windswept tree. I need to perfect my board that I wrap the wire on before I do another one. My nail holes are too large, so I'll redo the board.

Not much else to report tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be more eventful.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nov 15

Well, Bob didn't get a picture of his gold he found in the quartz rock so I don't have one to post tonight. Maybe tomorrow???
I made a pan of dressing today for the potluck Thanksgiving dinner at the rock club today. We had about 145 people show up for the dinner. It was wonderful and there are a lot of great cooks out there. I don't have to cook dinner tonight because we are still full from lunch. After we attended the weekly rock club meeting. I expected Ron and Terry to be at the lunch and meeting but they weren't. Missed a great meal, guys!!!
Bob then went to his favorite place by Dome Rock and prospected. I finished an arrowhead that I started yesterday.
There is a lot of smoke in the air this afternoon. You couldn't even see the mountains and the wind was blowing some. Bob thought it was dust, but I smelled the smoke so I have to disagree with him.
Hope it clears out by morning...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nov 14

Well, the Goodyear blimp was seen going east yesterday! Must have made it Phoenix and on the way back to LA!
I made another wind swept tree today. I don't think it turned out as good as the first. Probably because I had an instructor with the first one. I will keep trying tho.
I also went to knapping class and finished these two arrowheads. It is getting easier. We had a large class today 9 students. It's becoming very popular!
After class Bob and I went to Carls Jr and had a burger and fries. They make super burgers and they are so huge, I can't finish one! We then went to the craft store and got wire for my tree. Onto the hardware store for a couple nails and light bulbs for the little lights in the RV.
Bob came home and rested for a while and I headed to Hillary's for instruction on how to make a board to wrap the wire for the trees.
Bob then headed to get some water for the trailer and afterward left to prospect.
He did find a piece of gold yesterday---pictures and explanation tomorrow!
Bob's got a fire going tonight and enjoying it too.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Nov 12

We noticed a mass transit bus parked in La Posa South that someone is evidently living in this winter. It is also for sale, in case you have a large family and need a huge motor home!
When driving to get gas for the generator we decided to check prices at the east end of town just off the freeway. We have decided that with those high prices, we don't need to get gas or diesel there. It is outrageous! $3.49 for diesel???
I went over to Hillary's yesterday afternoon and was shown how to make gem trees and this wind swept tree. It isn't too hard, but you have to have strong fingers to get all the wire twisted. I hope I can make a couple more,,,it was fun. Geri came over also and we had a nice visit. Bob, Ted and Tom went out prospecting while we were doing this. They had a good time but didn't find any gold.
Bob finished carving the golf whale today and I got it painted. We were happy with the way it turned out. The ducks and whale are for sale if anyone is interested.
Last night Bob was putting the " Alarm It" cable on the computer because we heard that there was someone over at Thom's and Judy's walking around in the wee hours. Bob got it all attached, came in and sat down and said "I attached the Alarm It cable to the trailer but forgot to run it thru the generator handle." It probably wouldn't do much good that way so he went back out and attached it to the generator too. Kinda funny...But he was doing this in the dark so he probably has a good excuse. And it must have worked because we still have a generator today!
I did laundry today and then tried out our new clothesline. I think we need to shorten the rope between the poles, cause the clothes got pretty close to the ground. Wouldn't that have been a mess to have to do the wash all over again?
I'm going to watch my favorite show tonight at 7pm --Prison Break...This is the 3rd season and it just keeps getting better and better.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Nov 9

Today Bob spent the morning buying a hacksaw and blades and also a mini saw for the dremel tool. We cut off 2 more handles from wooden golf clubs. He then drew a whale tail and is carving it out. We're making a golf whale now...What next??? Any ideas--please send them our way.

It was cooler today, in the mid 70's. What a relief that was after the past few days.

The sunset was beautiful tonight because there was some cloud cover.
We went to the Grubstake restaurant tonight with Tom and Geri White and Ted and Hillary Klass. They are friends we met last year and they got here this past weekend. The food was great, it was the famous Friday night fish fry (all you can eat). It is actually more than you can eat. None of us went away hungry. We then stopped to look at Tom and Geri's new 5th wheel they bought before coming out here. They got a 40' toy hauler. They are using the extra space for a craft and hobby room. Sure is a nice trailer.
Gotta go and watch my Friday night show that started a couple weeks ago. They are running a series from my favorite author James Patterson. So far the show is great...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nov 8

I went to town and got some more wooden golf clubs. I paid for 4 of them and the golf guy threw in 2 extra for free. I made a good deal. He told me if I needed help with the golf ducks to just stop by and talk with him. He used to carve duck decoys.
Here is the latest carving!

I walked to the rock and gem club meeting today. I think that was a mistake, I was so hot by the time I got there, I caught a ride with someone on the way home.
Got a fire started tonight about 5pm and Bob didn't get home till 6:30pm. So I enjoyed it by myself. Found out he had been over at Ron and Terrys probably enjoying a fire over there..

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nov 7

I went to knapping class today. I completed 2 arrowheads and it was tons of fun. Didn't know that it would be this easy.

Here a picture of the duck we finished yesterday. #2 is in progress as I write this. Tomorrow I'll head down to the golf guy and get some more golf clubs.

It turned out to be 97 degrees here today. I think it was about 95 in the trailer, so I spent time out in the shade. It is supposed to cool down by this weekend, I hope.

We went to the QIA building tonight for supper. They put on a pancake feed every Wed. at 5pm - 6pm. Bob had the pancakes, eggs and sausage. I had some biscuits and gravy. It was pretty tasty.

We got home from that and Bob started working more on the duck. I will get it finished by tomorrow.

I turned on the TV and couldn't get any channels on it. Bob checked to see what satellites it was picking up and we had very low signals in the 60's. So we had to recalibrate it. It's working now. The wind wasn't blowing hard enough for it to get out of kilter so we don't know what happened.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nov 6

Bob found GOLD ! ! ! He went out past Dome Rock where he was prospecting last year and they were found just below the surface. He was pretty excited when he got home and showed me. They were about 5 grains each..
I looked up in the sky and saw this Goodyear blimp following I-10.
We went to town today to get some paint for my golf duck. Bob got some bondo and dowels to attach the head to the body. We finished the duck but won't have pictures till tomorrow. It was too dark to not use a flash but they still didn't turn out. I will take one in full sun tomorrow.
It got up to 93 here today and 91 inside the trailer. I spend a lot of time outside in the shade.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Nov 5

Laundry day today...As I was sitting in the laundromat waiting for the clothes to dry, a guy came in to get his clothes out of the dryer and noticed all of the clothes were gone...Someone had stolen all of his clothes!!! If I go to the laundromat I will not leave because along with generator thieves, there are laundry thieves.

We went around town looking for tools to carve wood and found a set of carving knives at a vendor at Rice Ranch. After we got back home, Bob carved a couple duck heads from a 2 x 4 and got a couple good looking ducks. He carved them and they looked good. I sanded them after he got done and I think we might be able to glue them onto the golf club tomorrow and get them finished. Now I have to buy some body putty and paint.

Tom, Geri, Ted and Hillary came out today to visit. They are all from Wisconsin who we met last year. It was good to see them. We are all going out to the Grubsteak restaurant Friday for the fish fry.

Bob went out prospecting today and found 2 pieces of gold. Pictures tomorrow.

Here's a picture of a sculpture in one of the local RV parks... A horse and her colt!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Nov 4

I took a drive to Parker today to get groceries. Safeway is my store I go to and I stocked up on all the essentials. My fridge and cupboards were looking like Mother Hubbard's cupboard so I told Bob I had to get it restocked. We hadn't been to the grocery store for things since we left Laramie on Oct 9th. I then headed to the Dollar Store to get a few things that I didn't want to spend full price for. The places were pretty busy, guess Q winter residents had the same idea!

After I got home, Bob emptied out the black and gray water tanks and we headed to the dump sites. We dumped and then got fresh water for our showers. Bob got to talking to George Patton about gold prospecting while at the dump site so that delayed us by about another 1/2 hour.

We brought the water home and then he went prospecting...Surprise there!!!

I have been watching an item on EBAY and during the last 10 minutes of the auction, placed a bid and watched it closely...I ended up WINNING it...

Here's a pic of the GOLF DUCK and I will try in the near future to make some of them. Ron and Terry were ribbing me about getting this duck as they were sitting outside enjoying our fire this evening...
I think he's pretty cool and I can't wait to carve some duck heads and see how I do...

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Nov 3

The meteor showers are starting. Officially the bulk of them will be on Nov. 17 & 18th but I saw 3 last night. So be sure to start watching the sky for the next 2 weeks.
We went to the craft show today at the QIA building. Lots of crafty people! I found one craft I'm going to try to do. Someone has taken a wooden golf club, cut the handle off and then carved a duck head to attach to it. It was then painted and they are adorable...So I had to go to the golf guy in town and buy a couple wooden golf clubs. Now I'll see how talented I am when I try to carve a duck head. If it turns out there will be pictures posted...

We drove out in the desert and got a picture of my favorite cactus--the saguaro.

Bob went prospecting again and came back empty handed. But he loves going out and he will find gold...

I took a picture of this bird today and will have to ask Judy what it is.
We had another fire tonight and it is so still and quiet out.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Nov 2

We started the day out by stopping by the check in station and meeting Thom and Judy. Very nice couple and we will be spending some time over at their evening fires in the near future.

We then went in search of firewood. We found some to last a few fires and have our first fire going this evening.

Before Bob got going this morning I set up my tripod with the camera and focused on the hummingbird feeder. Boy did I miss a lot of shots. There were so many hummingbirds that I could click the shutter fast enough.

I forgot to take a pic of the campsite when we got set up so here it is a little late.

Bob went prospecting this afternoon in a new spot, just found some nail,,,no nuggets...Maybe next time...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Nov 1

Today started out slow. Bob got up late and after he got oriented we went to La Posa South to get some water. We stopped at Tyson wash and he talked to the people he worked for last summer. Also go to talk to John who was his co-worker at the time.
We came home and put the water in the trailer. I took a shower and then fixed lunch.
We ended up going to the rock club meeting and paying our dues for the coming winter. I have signed up for a faceting class and also a knapping class. Going to get started on all the rock club activities. We visited with several people we got to know last summer that have arrived down here.
We've seen several hummingbirds visiting the feeders since we put it up. Got to get some snapshots of them some early morning.