Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year! ! !

Happy New Year!!!

We brought in the new year with a small party at MDA's Get-a-way! 15 people were having a good time, lots of food and drink. Gary started our 1st campfire and it was a big success. Several people played pool through out the evening.

We went to a pot luck dinner before the party. Cathy made chili and Jay made chicken and dumplings. Both were excellent. Mike and I both had to have two helpings.

Yesterday we had a horseshoe tournament. There were 4 teams and several great throwers. I did pretty well the 1st game but then my luck changed and I went downhill after that. Mike did really well and was getting quite a few points. He even placed 3rd in the event. We took Shadow along and he enjoyed being in the warm sunshine. It got up to 70 degrees yesterday and we expect to have more and more nice days.

We are working at the check in station today. It is getting busier with more campers coming in. The Big Tent with the RV show will be set up by Jan. 16th. The official opening day for all the vendors was Jan. 1, 2010.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Monday the 7th was a wet day! We had some rain, wind and more rain and wind....It was reported there were 2 tornadoes that buzzed thru Quartzsite and 2 in the desert where we are staying. Winds went from 82.5 mph - 100 mph. We had calm before the storm,,,,a lot of rain, then it calmed a bit and hail began to fall.
Mike and I were outside bailing water from the tents. We filled up 3 - 12 gallon containers in about 10 minutes. We had rain gutters up inside the tents but they needed to be more secure. They are now rain proof..
It rained a little yesterday and they seemed to be doing their job.
All the tents were staked down good and we didn't lose any. We had some water damage on the back tent and had to replace one tarp on the roof. But we fared very well.

I'm no longer working at the Grubstake restaurant. The manager said I wasn't bringing in enough business. But hey, I was bar tending and couldn't go and flag people in. I think it will be their loss.

Friday night we went to our weekly potluck at the hosts campsite. We were going to have chicken and dumplings but we got there and no dumplings. It was still good. This Friday we will be having 15 bean soup and cornbread.

We have new neighbors from Montana. Gary and Claudia Peck are now in our circle of friends. We had a group of friends come over Sat. night. We popped popcorn, had music on and shot some pool. It was a good time.
Tonight we are having friends over to watch the Arizona game and we might play Mexican train dominoes. And of course there will be happy hour and snacks.
Have a good week and I'll post again next weekend.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dec. already

December is here already! Last week Mike and I went to Phoenix and got some things done. He picked up a propane heater for the LP tank for the MDA Get-a-way tent. It already takes the chill off while sitting there during the evening.
I moved my 5er on Thurs. night over tho Mikes and Steve's tent area. It has provided a wind block on the east side. We have tiki torches at the entrance and are creating a Quartzsite Survivor entryway.
Barb and Jim have come over a couple of times to join us in the evening. A potluck was held on Fri. night at the camp hosts tent. Jay and Cathy served roast beef, taters, gravy, salads and desert. It was wonderful. After we joined everyone at the fire pit.
I had to get 2 truck batteries for my dodge 2500 yesterday. It wouldn't hold a charge and then just wouldn't start on Fri. morning. Those batteries are spendy!
I'm going to help Mike tonight with his tents. The ropes have to be tightened and we need to put tarps on the inside to keep the cold out from below. We are also going to put up 2 rain gutters for the rains coming tomorrow. Of course we will have the spouts going away from Mikes motor home and catch the rainwater on the other side.
There is another potluck on Friday again. Sue Ellen is making her famous Chicken and Dumplings. We will fill in the gaps with our favorite sides. There are a lot of good cooks in the desert!
Since I got my satellite hooked up, I will be able to watch The Amazing Race tonight.
There are more and more vendors showing up but the campers still aren't flooding in like the previous years.
I'm only working 3 - 5 hour days at the Grubstake restaurant and the tips are low.
Hope everything picks up soon...Might have to get a 3rd job just to make ends meet...
Have a great week!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cool day today

We start off the day with some pics of the volunteers who run the LPN check in station. The first pic is me and Mike, then Alice and Chuck and Barb and Jim.

It was only 37 degrees this morning. Lots of RV heaters were running trying to keep these snowbirds warm.
Mike and I got the generators out yesterday and changed the oil in his and mine. Heck, Mikes even fired right up after he filled it with gas!

We worked on his tent area yesterday making several trips to K & B tools to get rope, clamps and fasteners. The entire tent area is enclosed now and with a couple portable heaters, it will be toasty. He brought a pool table over last week, has a bar and popcorn machine so it's party time. So MDA's Get-a-Way is officially open! Come over and join the fun..

The BLM had a meeting with all the volunteers on Tues. We went over the rules and regs. of the volunteer positions, etc. After the meeting we had a potluck, with the BLM supplying chicken and soft drinks.

Yesterday there were very strong winds. We are getting a cold spell too. I thought it was supposed to be warm in Arizona. That's one of the reasons I came down here.

This vehicle pulled into the parking area the other day. It is a German "man" Mercedes vehicle.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another work day

I'm working at the check in station today. So far at noon we've only had one couple check in.
Last week I worked at the Grubstake restaurant. Both Thurs. and Fri. were so slow. I got sent home 2 hours early on Friday and tips were not good. It will pick up as more people winter in Q.
Laundry day is always on Tues. I can also use the computer at the laundromat, so I get caught up on my emails.
Also on Tues. afternoon there was a music jam at La Posa South. It was interesting to listen to all the talented folks down here playing and singing.

I took a couple pictures of some unique trailers here in the desert.

The first one is one a lady owns. She takes broken down trailers, strips then down and repaints and rebuilds the interior. The 3rd picture is one that has a wind turbine with it. The 4th is a new model with a loft.

We are planning on Thanksgiving down here at the host's campsite. They are furnishing turkey and dressing and we will all bring side dishes. I think I might just make some homemade rolls.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone this year, new friends and old ones...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cooler days

Here's Mike starting off his day and the 2nd picture with him hard at work.

Today started off a bit cooler. On the way to work at the check in station, the temp was 51 degrees and the winds are blowing.

I went to Yuma/Algodonez, Mexico on Tues. Since it was Veteran's Day, everyone had the US flags flown. Traffic was stopped on Hwy 95 North because of about 125 Veteran's riding thru on Harleys and Goldwings. All were proudly displaying US flags.

I did finally find the Scottie dog rock formation on the way down to Yuma.

After picking up a RX in Mexico, I had to have the famous shrimp taco. Actually I ended up eating two of them, they are delicious. It only took 10 minutes to get thru the gate on the way out.

I watched some of the CMA awards the other night. I was surprised at some of the awards.
Best new artist-Darrius Rucker (used to play with Hootie & the Blow fish)
New album-Taylor Swift
Ent. of the year-Taylor Swift
Vocal Dual-Sugarland
Music Video-Taylor Swift-Love Story
Male Vocalist-Brad Paisley
Female Vocalist-Taylor Swift
It was a good show and a lot of great entertainers.

Since I had yesterday off, I headed to Parker. I took my metal detector and tried to find treasures along the Colorado River. Wasn't lucky at all.

I spotted this helicopter at the Super 8 motel last night.

Another beautiful Arizona sunset.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pictures posted

I took some before and after pictures from when I got here. The campers are starting to fill in the desert.

I was out trying to find some hiking sticks the other night about sunset and captured this Saguaro along the horizon. Also the full moon was beautiful the other night.

Here is a picture of Mike's dog, Shadow. He stays down at the check in station, outside, while Mike and I are working.