Monday, November 12, 2007

Nov 12

We noticed a mass transit bus parked in La Posa South that someone is evidently living in this winter. It is also for sale, in case you have a large family and need a huge motor home!
When driving to get gas for the generator we decided to check prices at the east end of town just off the freeway. We have decided that with those high prices, we don't need to get gas or diesel there. It is outrageous! $3.49 for diesel???
I went over to Hillary's yesterday afternoon and was shown how to make gem trees and this wind swept tree. It isn't too hard, but you have to have strong fingers to get all the wire twisted. I hope I can make a couple more,,,it was fun. Geri came over also and we had a nice visit. Bob, Ted and Tom went out prospecting while we were doing this. They had a good time but didn't find any gold.
Bob finished carving the golf whale today and I got it painted. We were happy with the way it turned out. The ducks and whale are for sale if anyone is interested.
Last night Bob was putting the " Alarm It" cable on the computer because we heard that there was someone over at Thom's and Judy's walking around in the wee hours. Bob got it all attached, came in and sat down and said "I attached the Alarm It cable to the trailer but forgot to run it thru the generator handle." It probably wouldn't do much good that way so he went back out and attached it to the generator too. Kinda funny...But he was doing this in the dark so he probably has a good excuse. And it must have worked because we still have a generator today!
I did laundry today and then tried out our new clothesline. I think we need to shorten the rope between the poles, cause the clothes got pretty close to the ground. Wouldn't that have been a mess to have to do the wash all over again?
I'm going to watch my favorite show tonight at 7pm --Prison Break...This is the 3rd season and it just keeps getting better and better.

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