Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nov 25

Sunday is dump day. I always dread this day after what happened right after we got down here last year. We had gotten a "Blue Boy" to dump the tanks into. After filling it, we drove to the dump site, hooked up the sewer hose and Bob got into the back of the truck to lift it up to drain. I was standing at the tailgate of the truck with my foot on the end of the drain and all of a sudden---the sewer hose came off the Blue Boy, covering me in all the waste from the trailer. I wasn't a happy camper!
After that we got a 50 gallon tank with a more suitable way of dumping.

The dumping went well today and we got some water to fill the trailer.

On our way home we noticed that Virgil and Joanne were at Ron's and Terry's place. We stopped and talked with them. They had their generator stolen awhile ago. The guy in question was apprehended but released---no proof. Even tho his footprints matched the ones outside their trailer...Go Figure!!!

Ron mentioned Terry is still under the weather and Ron himself wasn't feeling all that well today. I told them I would bring dinner over to them tonight. I made homemade chicken pot pies, salad and garlic bread.

Got a picture of the ultra-lite guy that was flying over taking pictures of the campers on the ground. He sells aerial shots of the peoples "homes" in the Q desert. If you want one of your place he is in the Rice Ranch selling pics.

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