Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dec 1

Happy December!!!

Well, now it's time to get into the festive mode!!! For those who want too! The sunrise was pretty with all the clouds over the mountains.

We went to the craft show today at the QIA building. Some new vendors showed up and some of the old ones I was looking for weren't there.
Afterward we went over to a bead store in the Rice Ranch area. Bob has been interested in the old trade beads that were used hundreds of years ago. This shop has a lot of them, so he got a history lesson as well as buying some. The ones he bought were over 200 years old. He's going to string some for a couple of necklaces.

I got some smaller glass beads to incorporate into the beads I am making.

We stopped at a couple other vendors in town also. One place we stopped at was trying to pull his tent back together. With the rain and wind last night and today, he had some cave-ins and his stuff was all over the soaked ground. We decided to get back to that one after he got reconstructed.

There was quite a rain storm last night. Lots of standing water all over town and in the LTVC areas.

I finished my knife I made in knapping. I think it turned out good. Also a picture of some of the beads I made in class yesterday.

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