Monday, November 19, 2007

Nov 19

Bob started his day by going to wax carving class. He ended up enjoying it thoroughly and made 3 wax cast rings. He loves doing this kind of thing so he plans on going back to the next session.
We went to lunch at Janet's Kitchen. Big portions and great food.

I took Bob back home, he was sleepy after lunch and headed back to town for some more wire to make more trees. I noticed this interesting object on a flatbed trailer at the gas station. Don't see too many of these driving around...
Also found this guy that has a whole lot of firewood for sale. Doesn't list the price tho.
It was hot here again today, our temp here said 91. The news station said this is a record heat for November. Sure glad to hear that..ha ha
I made 3 wind swept trees today. They are fun to make and don't take that long.
It has finally cooled down to 71 degrees at 7:30pm. Finally bearable in the trailer.

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