Monday, April 28, 2008

On to Moab Utah

We left Navajo Dam NM this morning about 10am. Headed thru Farmington, Shiprock, NM and then onto Moab Utah.. I took these photos of the scenery along the way. The Mtns. into Utah were snow capped. One shot is with a truck that just passed us with a load of trees going to a nursery. We also were able to get diesel at Cortez Co for $4.09/gal.
We got to Moab about 3:30pm, long drive because of traffic and slow driving.
It is beautiful here, 80 degrees and all the leave on the trees are out.. We BBQ'd hamburgers out tonight and Bob is sitting outside having his usual whiskey drink.
Hopefully tomorrow we will head into town to see if I can sell some of my hummingbirds to local store owners. Might head to Arches National monument in the afternoon.
Love the weather here.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Last day in NM

This will be our last day at Navajo Dam, NM. Headed to Moab tomorrow.

Bob will be saying his goodbyes to his friends at the fly shops today and get to the river for one more day of fishing.

Yesterday I dropped him off at the river, there was a fly fishing seminar going on. I headed to town and got the laundry done. When I got back I joined in on the seminar. It was very interesting and well done. There were quite a few people attending. 1st picture is an entomology class down by the river.
2nd one is instructors demonstrating the use of the fly rod.
It's been about 27 degrees every morning for the last few days and warming up to low 60's in the day. And the wind---it never stops blowing.
But as we head north it will be warmer in Utah and then onto Wyo where we will probably hit snow.
We went geocaching yesterday after the seminar. There was a cache up by the lake. We got to within 249 feet of it, had to cross the road and hike up the hill, straight up. I made it to the top and found the cache. Coming down was the hard part, ended up on my backside a couple of times. But mission accomplished!

Friday, April 25, 2008

April 25, 2008

We have been out of touch since we landed in Navajo Dam, NM. We moved out of Cottonwood campground yesterday to Abe's Rv park. Our 21 days ran out at the state park to camp. We do have Wi Fi here at the RV park. Finally, in touch with the real world again. This place is just west of the dam.
Bob has been fishing a few times and the fishing has been slow. The river is down some but filled with trash from the bottom of the lake. He is discouraged with fishing!
I have been doing some carving on cottonwood bark. I'm making whimsical houses and they are turning out pretty good. Bob has also started carving these things.
While here, we spent some time with Ron and Terry (our friends from Q). They took off on Thurs to head back to Iowa. We sure will miss them.
We're going to a fly fishing clinic tomorrow down at the river. It is put on by the San Juan fly fishing club. Might learn some new techniques for fishing!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Navajo Dam NM


We left Quartzsite, Az on March 30th. Went to the Grand Canyon and spent 3 days up there. It is still breathtaking! I did go on a hike on the Bright Angel trail. I had my pack, water and hiking stick and started the long climb down into the big canyon. I went down 1 & 1/2 miles to the first marker. It was a little scary because there was still snow and ice on the trail. But the hike up was incredible. It was so steep. I rested quite a few times but made it to the top. It took me 2 & 1/2 hours to complete the 3 mile trip. And of course I had to buy a T shirt that said I had hiked the canyon.

While camped at the campground just out of the Grand Canyon, I noticed a shed where some people had a couple of goats. I walked over and they were trying to get a brand new baby to get his first meal from his momma. These guys said they had never had anything to do with animals cause they were from the city. They were also taking care of the goats for their boss. Well now, me being a good old farm girl, offered my help with the new baby goat. I got it to drink and kept tabs on it while we were at the campground. The guy, Ruben, was the manager for the Spaghetti Western restaurant. He told me and Bob to come over on Wed. evening and they would give us a meal for helping them. What a nice gesture from them. We went over and had a wonderful spaghetti dinner.

The next day we headed to Navajo Dam, NM. We left about 9am and got here around 4:30pm. It was a long drive but we had fairly good weather, only got rained on once.

We have seen Ron and Terry twice since we've been here. They are parked up at Navajo Lake. Bob and Terry might go fishing tomorrow. The river is running too high to wade out in it. They had to release a lot of water from the dam because of heavy snowfall this year so it has put a damper on fly fishing. The drift boats are still taking customers down the river but not catching as many as last time we were here.

Today we are in town doing laundry and ran to Walmart to pick up a few things.

We might go out geocaching this afternoon. I went out the other day and had to climb a steep hill about a mile up and then over boulders and thru bushes to find a geocache inside a hollowed out boulder. It was a fun find.

Have a great time till I post again...