Monday, November 5, 2007

Nov 5

Laundry day today...As I was sitting in the laundromat waiting for the clothes to dry, a guy came in to get his clothes out of the dryer and noticed all of the clothes were gone...Someone had stolen all of his clothes!!! If I go to the laundromat I will not leave because along with generator thieves, there are laundry thieves.

We went around town looking for tools to carve wood and found a set of carving knives at a vendor at Rice Ranch. After we got back home, Bob carved a couple duck heads from a 2 x 4 and got a couple good looking ducks. He carved them and they looked good. I sanded them after he got done and I think we might be able to glue them onto the golf club tomorrow and get them finished. Now I have to buy some body putty and paint.

Tom, Geri, Ted and Hillary came out today to visit. They are all from Wisconsin who we met last year. It was good to see them. We are all going out to the Grubsteak restaurant Friday for the fish fry.

Bob went out prospecting today and found 2 pieces of gold. Pictures tomorrow.

Here's a picture of a sculpture in one of the local RV parks... A horse and her colt!!!

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Judy Gail said...

Hey Sandy 'n Bob. I'm anxious to see pics of Bob's duck 'n his gold as well.

The bird you were wondering about a couple of posts ago is called a Verdin. He's a frequent visitor at our hummingbird feeders.