Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nov 7

I went to knapping class today. I completed 2 arrowheads and it was tons of fun. Didn't know that it would be this easy.

Here a picture of the duck we finished yesterday. #2 is in progress as I write this. Tomorrow I'll head down to the golf guy and get some more golf clubs.

It turned out to be 97 degrees here today. I think it was about 95 in the trailer, so I spent time out in the shade. It is supposed to cool down by this weekend, I hope.

We went to the QIA building tonight for supper. They put on a pancake feed every Wed. at 5pm - 6pm. Bob had the pancakes, eggs and sausage. I had some biscuits and gravy. It was pretty tasty.

We got home from that and Bob started working more on the duck. I will get it finished by tomorrow.

I turned on the TV and couldn't get any channels on it. Bob checked to see what satellites it was picking up and we had very low signals in the 60's. So we had to recalibrate it. It's working now. The wind wasn't blowing hard enough for it to get out of kilter so we don't know what happened.

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