Friday, November 23, 2007

Nov 23

It was laundry day today. We washed the clothes in town and brought them home to hang outside on the line to dry. I had 1/2 of the clothes hung up and poof, the clothes line fell to the ground. My language was not to good at that point. I could just see having to go back to the laundromat to rewash them.

Bob got the clothes line restrung, and I rehung the clothes. Luckily they didn't suffer too much dust.

I went into the rock shop about 1pm to take the glass beading class. What a lot of fun that was. I managed to make 15 beads and they didn't turn out too bad. I am taking the class again next Friday also.
I tried to light the oven tonight and it wouldn't light. We were out of propane. So we loaded up the 2 tanks, one was already empty and hadn't been refilled, and headed to town. It was 5:50pm and we were lucky enough to find the Pit Stop open till 6pm. So that is taken care of for a while.
It was windy and cool here all day and tomorrow the wind continues!

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