Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May 30

We have gotten settled for the summer months. We are staying at Woods Landing, 27 miles west of Laramie WY. We are helping the owners of the place with outside chores, cleaning cabins and working in the store part time. It is a beautiful place with the Laramie River running close by. Brook trout are being caught now that the spring run off has cleared up a bit.

We had tons of rain yesterday along with snow last night and a bit of snow this morning.

It will be a perfect place to be for the summer.

We are close enough to town to run in and get groceries and diesel. Bob's son, Karl and his family came out on Monday and took Bob fishing. Then we all had dinner at the cafe in the evening. They serve excellent food and great service.

Not much else going on with us so I will post every so often.

We sure do miss our friends from Quartzsite! And can't wait to get there again in the fall.

Here's pics of the cabins at Woods Landing..

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 16

We have not been able to connect to the internet for some time. We left Rawlins, WY last Tuesday and made it to Laramie. The weather cleared up enough for us to leave. We got stranded in Rawlins because of the snow. We decided to stay at Sodergreen Lake, 20 miles west of Laramie. It is free camping and a beautiful lake to fish in. It recently got stocked with some trout and everyone seems to be catching them except us. Here's some pics of the place we're staying.

When we got to Laramie, we had to get the truck checked out because of the ABS and brake light staying on. After 5 hours work on the truck it is fixed. The wiring harness had been chewed thru by MICE. So every night before we go to bed now, Bob sets a couple traps on the engine of the truck. We catch a mouse every night. Maybe this will help the problem in the future.

We will not be hosting the campground this summer in the Snowy Range. We are moving up the road 5 miles to Woods Landing. It has RV spots and several cabins for people to camp in. There is a little general store, gas station and cafe and bar. We are going to work there 40 hours per month for our camp spot and the rest will be money in our pocket. Bob is going to do handyman work outside and I will clean cabins and do the cabin laundry. We will also help out in the store from time to time. We plan on moving up there this weekend. We will have full hookups but unable to get internet or cell service. We will try to get to town at least once a week to post on the blog.

Monday, May 7, 2007

May 5 - 6

On Sat. May 5th, it was windy, rainy and cold in Rawlins, WY. We did go out tho, visiting the town. I used to live here about 6 years ago and found many changes. So many businesses had closed and a few new ones had opened. One business that remains open is in Sinclair, a town 6 miles east of here. Su Casa is a wonderful Mexican restaurant that we stopped at and had lunch. They make green chili to die for. They only have 5 tables and are always busy. A locally owned business doing very well.
We were going to go fishing but with the weather like this, it was impossible.
May 6th, I woke to find about 6" of snow on the ground. It was quiet in the campground, so I donned my boots (which I'm glad I had) and headed outside before sunrise and snapped this photo. After Bob got up we took a drive to Ft. Steele, east of Sinclair, WY. It was an old fort in 1867 - 1869. This was one of many separated by 200 miles. Because of the construction of the UPRR across southern Wyo. It created towns, increased population, stimulated ranching and started major timber and mining operations. But because of the construction the workmen had to defend themselves from Indian raiders who objected to the construction in their territory. This is a picture of the bridge tenders house still standing that was reconstructed. Also one of the North Platte River.
After that we drove to Saratoga to check out possible camping spots before making the trip to Laramie later on. We drove to Saratoga lake, they do have a campground with electricity but our trailer is too long. It will accommodate trailers probably 22' or shorter. After a drive thru Saratoga and finding only one other RV campground who charges $30 per night, we stopped and had lunch at the only place in town that was open. When we got back to Rawlins, our campground was starting to fill up. Since I-80 was closed for part of the day, many decided to stay in town.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

May 5

We left Moab after spending a week there. It is beautiful but it was time to head north. As we headed out of Meeker, Co we saw some deer trying to cross the highway. I honked at them so they wouldn't dart back into the truck. Shortly after that the ABS light came on and this loud noise. We pulled over and got out the manual, looked under the hood, checked all the fuses and Bob finally decided it was the horn that was stuck. He disconnected it and the noise stopped. We do have to get the ABS light checked when we get to Laramie, WY. We also had no cell service where we pulled over. So on the road again. By the time we stopped we were in Rawlins. It was a long day for us. We stopped at RV World campground, they accept Passport America. It is a great campground. We have water, sewer, electric. They are all pull thru sites. They have a laundry room, showers, game room and miniature golf.
We took a drive yesterday south of Rawlins to Savery Res. It is about 40 miles south. It is supposed to be stocked with salmon, trout and browns. But it was windy and cold so we didn't fish. We were going to leave the trailer in the campground for a couple of days and head to Cody to see my mom. The campground host said to check the weather, he thought a storm was coming in. Sure enough! Snow was going to hit the route we were going to take.
When I woke up this morning at 4am to let Carley out, there was about an inch of snow on the ground. By 7am it had melted and we just have a light snow going on right now.
Bob has been busy tying flies. Greg from Float and Fish Fly Shop in Navajo Dam gave him some pointers and he is now tying flies every night.
We will stay here today and tomorrow and then go on to Laramie, WY on Monday if the weather is good.