Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nov 21

I went to knapping class this AM and finished 2 arrowheads and a knife blade later this afternoon. The knife blade picture is being held up to the light as well as on the table. I'm happy how they turned out. When I was a kid I always wanted to run away and live with the Indians. Maybe I could have been an asset to their arrowhead and knife making!

Another beautiful sunset tonight.

This is the nugget Bob found compared to a dime..

While at the rock shop today, one of our friends ,Virgil, from La Posa West was telling us on Monday night someone came knocking on his door asking for a flashlight because he lost his keys in the dark. They gave him one and he asked them if they wanted the flashlight back that night or in the morning. They said morning would be ok. Well, the next morning, they went out and found the flashlight on the step and their generator was gone. The guy had used bolt cutters to cut the chain holding it to the trailer and got one of their neighbors generators also. He drove by the place shortly after that and Virgil stopped him and said he wanted his license plate #. The guy didn't like that and took off. He got the # as he was driving away, ran in and called the sheriff and he got there in record time. They got to the guys place (he was actually staying in the same area), arrested him and he is in jail now. Another guy was arrested also. They impounded his trailer and vehicle and also found a stolen 4 wheeler, motorcycle, the 2 generators and new helmet. Hope these guys fry!

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