Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dec 30 & 31

Getting close to the end of the year, so I had better post quick...

The last 2 days I spent going 4 wheeling on a 4 wheeler that George let me use. Today, I went to the mountains east of us. Quite a long way too. I ended up finding some old gold mines and found 4 of them. As I proceeded further down a road, it turned into a wash and I didn't find a road for quite a long time. I had my dog with me. After a fashion, she just laid down in the back part of the 4 wheeler and was in for the ride. Here's some beautiful shots I got with my camera while out exploring.

Here's a gnarled old ironwood tree.

And a picture of a teardrop trailer being supplied with energy from a solar panel.

Bob, George and I went to Algodones Mexico today. We picked up some RX's and a few other things. Lunch was at an outdoor restaurant. The wind came up and it was pretty chilly for a while. Here's George and Bob at the entrance, Me and Bob at the restaurant and the checkpoint going on the road to Quartzsite.


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