Friday, December 7, 2007

Dec 7

Windy day today. We had a few rain sprinkles but mostly just dark clouds. Bob went to get water and get the trailer filled up in case we couldn't get out when the washes were full... Ron warned me yesterday that we could wash away with the rains...
I was outside at 3pm today taking my dog out and I heard the strangest sound. The coyotes SW of us were howling in broad daylight. Are their clocks messed up? Then walking in the wash, I noticed sprouts of weeds ? starting to grow. They are getting moisture somewhere.
Bob came home from town tonight with a sack full of Christmas ornaments, candy canes and lights. Now I can really get into the Christmas and holiday mode.
Bob's son Karl is thinking of buying a drift boat to fish in this next summer. He sent him a bunch of pictures. It looks like a great boat and can't wait to see if he gets it.
Bob has gotten into buying old trade beads from when the traders and Indians basically started trading beads. He found a strand of Russian Blue Cobalts that were traded up and down the west coast and were used by the Hudson Bay co. to trade to Indians for fur pelts.
He has also collected some white heart beads and chevron beads used for the same purpose. Most of these beads are over 200 years old. It is amazing that they have survived this long.

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