Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dec 21

Bob went to wax carving class today. He's still working on the ring he started on.

While he was there, I had to get water for the trailer. Then I made some stuffing for the rock club dinner at noon today. I managed to get it all done and be in town by 10am. I checked the mail, hoping my package from Thompson Enamel was here. I ordered some glass to make my beads and later called them and found out I had it shipped to Quiet Times. But now I won't be getting it till Monday, since they are closed Thur - Sun. Darn!!!

The dinner was wonderful put on by the rock club. We all ate too much and won't be eating dinner tonight.

I took this picture this morning before the sun came up. Looks like the jets beat the sun up this morning.

The B-10 road was closed today on the west end. Hopefully they will be getting thru with the construction soon.

The sunset tonight looked like the sky was on fire. The picture didn't turn out as good as it looked tho.

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