Monday, December 3, 2007

Dec 3

After fixing breakfast for Bob at 10:30am, I finally got him to go to town about noon. I had to go to the library to take a book back and I picked up a couple from a different author. I checked out Robert Parker - Jessie Stone series. He had a movie on TV the other night called Sea Change. Great movie and hopefully the books will be better. I have been reading some by Lee Child and Jonathan Kellerman. They are mystery novels which I just love.
I don't think I read as many as Ron does, but do read quite a few.
We stopped by this place today. Trudy's Poppin' Johnny Ice Cream, LLC. She makes all her own ice cream. It is made on site and she uses fresh fruit (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, peaches) and also has a special going right now--Pumpkin Pie ice cream. I had some of it today and boy was it delicious. She said she puts the whole pie in there, crust and all. It was truly wonderful. We'll be sending all our friends there this season. So far she has made 80 gallon of ice cream and it's only the 3rd of December. She is located in Rice Ranch---east off of Hwy 95 on the right hand side. Just look for the John Deer Tractor turning the ice cream machines. You will go back again and again.

Bob went prospecting today to find a target he located a few days ago. The weather has kept him from going out. Wind a couple of days and then the heavy rain storm and then more wind. He got home early and brought a new nugget he found. It was 8.4 grains. He found it about 12' uphill from the other nugget he found and about 4" deep. Now he is going to hunt the area really hard and see what else he can pull out of the ground.
The new nugget is on the right of the dime..
Ron came over and worked on my computer for a while. I was having trouble backing up the files, but everything looked ok.
I got 2 items from Terry that he wire wrapped for me. He did a wonderful job on them. He is very talented and does excellent work.

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