Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dec 27

I haven't posted for a few days,,too busy with the holiday rush. We survived Christmas!!!

Santa was good to both of us. We got phone calls from family in Wyoming and talked with other friends on Christmas. Bob and I went to dinner at La Casa del Rancho. They served a wonderful turkey or ham meal. It was great but I had to bring leftovers home. Turkey sandwiches for supper that night too.

The wind blew around 35 - 40 MPH all day on Christmas. Sure was a good day for staying inside. We watched some of the Walt Disney Christmas parade.
On Wed. we put up the snow goose wind kite that I got from Santa. It flies great in the wind. Last night tho, the wind blew hard again and I had a hard time sleeping, thinking it might blow away. Don't know why I just didn't get up and take it down. I think of that now that I'm awake and the wind is still blowing hard.

Our friend, George Eppler, from Glendo, WY stopped yesterday with his new 5er. He bought a Cyclone toy hauler in Casper and has been traveling in Colo., NM, and Ariz., for about a month or so. He is staying in Quartzsite for about a week or so. We all went down to the Prospectors Store yesterday. He was interested in buying a metal detector. They were able to help him out and after we got home, Bob and him got together learning about the detector and I'm sure telling some great stories. I made spaghetti for supper, George brought the wine and it turned out to be a great evening.

Today, Bob and George are looking into solar panels for his new rig and later they will go out prospecting.

George also brought his 4 wheeler down and I went for a ride on it last night. Boy was that ever great! I will get one, one of these days.

Here's Bob and George telling some more stories!!!
George and Bob went out to try out the new detector this afternoon. George purchased a Mine Lab Eureka Gold detector and found a piece of magnetite and also a small piece of metal. He was happy that he has some new info about the detector. If the wind has died down tomorrow, they will probably go out again. But here is George on his first run with the Mine Lab detector.
He is coming over to dinner tonight after a bit. I'm making chicken fried steak, potatoes, corn and deviled eggs.

Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight and not have to worry about the snow goose kite fly off somewhere over the Kofa Mountains. If he does fly off, I might take an extended hiking trip to retrieve him.

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