Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dec 23

We headed to Parker today to see if we could find some oysters and fruitcake. On the way there I spotted 13 hawks on the wires looking for food. We got to Parker and went to Bashas, whom Ron called last night to confirm they would have these items. Much to our surprise we found both items. We had scouted around Quartzsite and Blythe and no one carried either item. We picked up a few things for Terry also. He's going to be doing some baking in the near future.

We also stopped at Dollar General to pick up toilet paper and paper towels. We took the road south of Parker towards Ehrenburg on the way home. I got some photos taken along the way back. These cranes were out in a field. There were only about 8 of them. These birds winter in Mexico so they just stopped to refuel!
As we were driving along, we spotted some cotton fields. They were being harvested. Tons and tons of cotton. 1st picture is a closeup of the cotton plant. 2nd picture is the harvest and 3rd picture is the BIG bales of cotton.
You can see several bales in the background.

We noticed that the crops are still being flood irrigated today. Where we come from in Wyoming, the crops would be under a bunch of snow by now. It was a good day, getting the items we needed, seeing some crop producing ground and just enjoying the drive.

I have to thank Ron for making the phone call last night to check on the oysters. Hope Terry and Ron enjoy their oysters we brought back for them.

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