Saturday, December 8, 2007

Dec 8

We joined a bunch of rock club members this morning at 9am to do the highway cleanup. The club has adopted 2 miles of Hwy 95 and we clean it up 2 times a year. Afterward we all join in for coffee and donuts. 24 people showed up and it took about 45 minutes.
Afterward we stopped at Joanne's and Virgil's to look at the spiral pan they use for finding gold out of dirt they bring back from the desert.

We talked about the tent they have set up by their trailer for doing this so after we left we headed up to K & B tools to see how much one would cost. After we talked to the guy helping us, we ended up getting the parts to put one together. We got home, started assembling it and wound up fighting instead. Bob had different ideas than mine and after a couple hours of this, he finally called Terry to come and save us. We had to make a run back to the place for 4 more poles because the guy forgot to tell us about them. Terry helped us put it all together and here is the result. Thanks Terry... Before and after!
I will do my bead making out in this little room. It will be out of the wind and I can do it anytime of the day now. Now I just need to get the glass ordered, which I will probably do tonight.
This is my Christmas present! Great gift, I think..
Bob wasn't able to go out and prospect because of the all day project. He will have to take all day tomorrow to have to himself.
Well, time to make dinner...We're having pork chops and summer squash I got at the produce market.

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