Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dec 15

We started the day off by going to the rock club's monthly pancake breakfast. It was good as usual. They served pancakes, sausage links, scrambled eggs, juice and coffee. Quite a few people showed up. Some of the members set up their wares on the tailgates of their vehicles and sold them to other members. Great way to do some close Christmas shopping.

Bob and I bought a model remote control helicopter today. It is supposed to fly! More on this later. Maybe we can put a camera on it and fly with the reindeer??

Bob changed the oil in the Honda 2000 generator this afternoon. The Honda's a gem and well worth taking good care of. He also checked the air filter and it was ok.

We filled the tanks with water and dumped the black and grey water. With the bigger dump tank we changed to, dumping is a lot easier.

This evening Bob was remounting the DETacc amp that sticks to the side of the Minelab metal detector with velcro. He also cleaned some of the desert dust off, not that the cleaning will last long.

These nuggets are the take so far this winter taken with the Minelab GP 3000 metal detector. Not enough to buy a tank full of diesel but fun never the less. Just think, when you dig one out of the ground, it's the first time it's been seen by man ! ! Cool Stuff! ! !

Is this the Rhinestone Cowboy?

Here's a better picture of our Christmas lights. You can kind of see the American flag and Wyoming flag in the background.

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Kevin said...

What a breath of fresh air to read of a couple Wyomingites!! We've been in Texas for the past 15 years but cannot wait to retire and head back north. My family is still in Laramie, Cheyenne, Wheatland and Cody. Talk about a small world, my two nieces, Whitney and Danielle, work at Woods Landing. Perhaps you met them while you were there. In 1971 I spent most of the winter working at the Medicine Bow Ski Area. That was before it even had chair lifts.

We'll be retired in a little over 3 years. Then we will be on the road full time also. Currently, we live in our motorhome but our travels are severly limited by work - Sigh...

I've added you to my favorites and read your entire blog from the beginning. I look forward to your postings.

-- Kevin