Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jan 28 2008

Well, today Bob and I went to work at the check in station. The day started out nice, calm and sunny. By mid morning the wind had come up and blew all day. One guy stopped in to try to find some people (he was on his bicycle). He said the wind was blowing so hard that it just stopped him in place and held him up. He couldn't go anywhere. Now that is WINDY!
We only had 13 to check in, very slow day. We watched RV's leave all day long. They are leaving as soon as the Big Tent RV show is over. Now we don't have neighbors back to back.
After work, I had Bob take me up to the Super 8 motel. He wants me to get a higher paying job than the volunteer job I'm working at. I picked up an application and will take it to them on Wed. when I have off.
I came home and made Shepherds pie for dinner. Sure was good and today we will have leftovers for lunch.
It's starting to get nice and sunny out and supposed to be calm today. Hope the weather forecaster is right.
Might write more tonight after work.

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