Saturday, January 19, 2008

The big tent

Just a few pics tonight of my walk to the Big Tent opening.

The little yellow car looked like it would be fun to drive.
How about an inflatable hot tub? It stores in a bag and can be taken anywhere you travel!
Some of the trailers and motor homes on my way to the Big Tent.
Last picture is a motor home with a fold down big screen TV on the outside of the RV. How cool is that?

I brought home some reading material for Bob to look at tonight. And picked up a few free items. The one I liked the best was a free aerosol can of pancake batter. It's called Organic Batter Blaster. It comes in an 18 oz aerosol can. How can you top that? Just hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Bob and I are going back on Monday since the check in station is closed. Maybe he will find some new things too.
I did get a jar opener at one vendor and come to find out they were promoting nude recreation. The guy asked me if I wanted to learn more about skinny dipping. I politely declined.
I won't go back to that place!
I'll get some more pictures on Monday and post again.

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