Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jan 8, 2008

We spent the last 2 days working at the BLM check in station. 9 checked in Monday and 13 today. We were glad we had some people to talk to. Ron came by and visited yesterday and today. Judy also stopped for a bit today.

On Sunday we also went to Tyson Wells and I got a few pictures when I went to pick up my Manzanita roots that I didn't post. This will be a short post tonight as we are both tired from working today.

The 1st picture is iron art that is cut with a torch. He does beautiful work and prices are reasonable. 2nd picture,,,bunches of animals. 3rd picture--Want to buy a giraffe??

This last picture was taken Sunday, the wind was blowing as you can see by the snow goose flying. But in the clouds there was a sun dog...It didn't come out in the picture but it was pretty cool to see.

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