Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jan 26, 2008

I haven't been posting too much lately. We've been working at the check in station and while doing that, nothing exciting happens in our lives.

One day last week we checked in 149 people, all for a short time (14 day) permit. Larry and Phyllis were kind enough to help us.

Bob got some new tires on his truck. We went to Blythe and got them at Valley Tire. It only took about an hour to get them all on. While Bob was getting that taken care of I walked over to Starbucks coffee shop and got a couple of lattes. My sister, Donna, gave us a gift certificate for Starbucks for Christmas and I'm still loving it.

Here's the new tires on the truck.
Also some pics of palm trees.
I started taking another beading class. I'm making a 3 D hummingbird out of seed beads. It is difficult to do, too. There is one vendor that is selling them for $250.00 each. It will take several classes to finish this project.
Bob and I went to Beaudry's RV yesterday and had the free lunch that they were having. They are only going to have it 2 times this year instead of 4. It was good, we had BBQ chicken sandwiches, macaroni salad, baked beans and cookies.
Bob then came home and took a nap and I went to the water site and got water and filled up the trailer.
Bob got some more trade beads yesterday at the pow wow. Some he got were made in the 1700's.
This morning about 6:30am I headed to town to do laundry. I like going at that time and miss the crowds. Now, I just have to let it dry on the clothes line outside. And today, the wind isn't blowing so it will take longer.
We had some terrible news the other day. Jim Canody, who had been down here for several years and last year worked at the check in station with me, Phyllis and Larry, had gone back to Alaska in Nov. to be with his family. He was diagnosed with cancer and last Monday passed away. I am going to miss him greatly. He was a wonderful friend. Jim will always be remembered as a truly caring person.

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