Friday, February 1, 2008

Feb 1, 2008

February 1st---can't beleive it is here already!
More and more people are starting to leave. Now it's becoming the desert we saw when we 1st arrived in Oct. Kinda nice not to have so many people here.

I took my job application up to the Super 8 motel. Come to find out the guy that owns it is also owner of Big Market (grocer) downtown. He said he would hand it over to the shift supervisor and have her give me a call.

I have been taking a beading class since last Thurs. I took 3 classes and finished my project, also while doing some of it at home. I made a 3 D hummingbird. It was a difficult thing to do but fun too. I counted up the hours and it took me 12 hours to complete. I was working with seed beeds and boy is that a challenge, might have to get a magnifying glass next project.

John, Marie and I are headed to Mexico today. John has a dental appt. and I am going to get my eyes checked.

Bob ended up with a cold yesterday morning. He spent most of the day in bed and will probably do the same today. Sure hope he doesn't pass it to me.

UPDATE 9:16pm
I did go to Algodones Mexico today. I had a blast. I got new glasses at Algodones Optical. $119 total cost for transition lenses, bifocals, frames and exam. They were done in 2 hours.
John had some dental work done. While he was there, Marie and I went shopping and had lots of fun. Got some Rx's and had lunch of fish and shrimp tacos. They are wonderful! I'm hooked!
It took 2 hours in line to get out of Mexico. Not a bad wait.
We then went to Mr. Lu's Super Buffet (Chinese) 1960 E Palo Verde, Yuma AZ. for supper. My gosh the buffet was huge. It is well worth going to. The food is fresh, tastes great and you go away very full.
It was a great day and I thank John and Marie for allowing me to tag along with them.

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