Friday, January 11, 2008

Jan 11, 2008

While Bob is outside tending the fire, I will post tonight.
I went to the post office today and there was no line. I walked in the door and immediately the girl behind the counter said,"I can help you here." That is the first time that has happened. With more and more people coming into town, I thought I would be there a long time.

Bob changed the oil in the generator and put some Sta-Bil in it. We then went and got some things in town and I walked home from there. He went out prospecting. I took a couple pictures that I will now share with you.

Picture 1 is of some carved bears a guy does with his chainsaw. He does good work.

Picture 2 is the overview of the vendors at Tyson Wells area. You can see the big tent in the background that will be busy starting the 19th of Jan.

Picture 3---What happened to this guy? He looks a little grey around the gills. Thankfully he is just a prop.

Picture 4--I found this little go cart on my way home today. Some guy walked up to me when I was taking the picture and said it is electric. Wouldn't that be fun to take out in the desert?

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