Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jan 10, 2008

I spent the morning making Iris Folded cards. Bob headed to town, dropped the truck off for an oil change and then went to Wax carving class. He has been working on a ring and hopefully will be finished with it by the time we leave here. He still has to do some more on it before it will be ready to cast in silver.

He came home and then picked me up to go to lunch. La Casa del Rosa is where we ended up. We have had good food and service in the past, but today...different scene. They were extremely busy and we had ordered hot beef sandwiches. The meal came and the beef was so tough we couldn't chew it. Bob talked to the cashier about it and she just said "We're to busy to do anything about it." She didn't charge him for the meal.

We then headed over to Sweet Darleen's for lunch. The special was Hot beef but we passed on that. We ordered Reuben sandwiches and they were very tasty!

I don't think we will go back to La Casa...

Bob then went home and made out bills. I took the truck and cruised the vendor tents. I was looking for a portable CD player but didn't find one yet. Got some great pictures tho.

These pictures ---If you need SILVER ware, here's your table. I couldn't believe the amount of flatware. Next, If you need a good pair of used cowboy boots, here's your vendor on main street. 3rd pic,,,lots of foxes, coyotes, and any kind of wild hide you would ever want. Last picture--Now how would I get a John Deere tractor home? Anything is available here...Name it and you can find it...

Stay tuned for more pictures in the next few weeks...

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