Thursday, February 1, 2007

Jan 31 and Feb 1

For the past 2 days, Bob and I have worked at the check in stations. 35 people came in to La Posa North and 7 to Tyson Wash. A few are still coming in, probably to see the car show that will be held on Feb 3 & 4th.
We have a full moon coming up tonight. It rises over the mountains that have a purple cast to them.
It will be prettier about 6am when it is completely dark outside and the sun starting to rise.
Mitch and Betty , our neighbors from Canada stopped over to talk a while. They gave us some excellent places to visit up past Lake Havasu.
Bob just brought in the baked potatoes and steak he cooked on the grill. Sure smells good.
Till tomorrow,,,keep healthy, stay happy and enjoy life.

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