Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Feb 7

Back to work today at the check in station at La Posa North for me and Tyson Wash for Bob. Bob had an uneventful day. A few people came in to get questions answered and directions. My day was a tad busier, checked in 8 people all together. A few people stopped in to ask questions and hopefully we were able to help.
I have the tv going while typing this and a cooking show on. Paula Deen is making a fudge brownie pie topped with whipped cream. Doesn't that sound scrumptious?
While at work, Jim and I were invited over to the camp host picnic table and were served dutch oven chicken and rice, salad, rolls and pie. Not a bad day. Everything tasted wonderful, what good cooks we have amongst us.
Here's a pic of Jim Canody, who I work with. Originally from Idaho City, Idaho.

Next a picture of Larry and Phyllis Seal, hosts of La Posa North.

And I will end this post with a beautiful sunset in the Arizona desert..

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