Friday, February 23, 2007

Feb 23

Once again we both had to work as volunteers at the check in stations on Thurs. La Posa WEST just across the highway from us had some excitement on Thurs. The road is being graded and new gravel put down. The front end loader was digging up dirt for this and dug up some dynamite! The entrance was blocked off for the entire afternoon and they had some campers evacuate their sites. Some of them moved into La Posa North.
We found out today (Fri 23rd) that 12 sticks had been found. They seemed to be old dynamite and the bomb squad from Yuma came up, loaded it into the special trailer and took it North of town a ways. Then the Quartzsite police department videoed it for future reference. They then blew it up. I guess there was quite a jolt when it blew and a big mushroom cloud emerged.
Today they are having some others probe the area to check for more dynamite. Always exciting here!
After work, I went to Bingo at the QIA and came home empty handed but had fun. Bob went over to Ron and Terry's place for a while and said he beat me home by about 15 minutes.
It has been windy and cool here today, just hope the wind doesn't blow all night.

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