Saturday, February 3, 2007

Feb 3rd

The day began with a visit to the Rock & Roll car show held in the BIG TENT in Quartzsite. Lots of pics to follow in the days to come of the fabulous cars. There was quite a crowd seeing all the fancy cars. The vendors left in the tent looked worn out and bored. It's probably been hectic for them the past 2 weeks.

We were able to stop by Ron's and Terry's and see his new computer that arrived in flash time. It came all the way from Memphis in 2 days! I love the wide screen monitor he got. Email almost is that fast.
Later this afternoon it was time to dump the black and grey water. Always such a fun job for me. I always remember the time Bob and I went to the dump sight. We hooked up the hose to the blue boy, another end into the hole in the ground and lo and behold as he lifted the blue boy, the connection came off and I was covered in ____. I just stood there, and said "Take me home, I have to shower and then do laundry." If anyone has ever seen the movie RV with Robin Williams, you will know exactly how I felt. Kinda makes me jittery to go to the dump now.
Afterward we filled a container with water and put it in the trailer. That's done for another week.
After a great day with wonderful weather, Bob has burgers cooking outside on the grill. I'm making homemade fries to go with them. Then we'll settle down and try to find something on the tube.
Here's some pics of the cars seen today.

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