Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Feb 6th

We took a drive thru Q today and the vendors are quickly fading into the sunset. The big tent that had the exhibits and car show is coming down. Traffic is creeping along, only because there is no where to rush to anymore. No lines at the grocery store, gas station, or propane fill up. The desert is emptying out the RV'ers. Kinda getting back to when we came down to Arizona in November only 3 months ago.
Bob went out prospecting today and only found nails. One of these days he will find another nugget. About a month ago he found a nice size one.
I stayed at the trailer, got a little reading done, played on the computer and got in 1/2 hour nap.
Our Canadian neighbors from Alberta on both sides of us will be leaving tomorrow. They are having a big bon fire for the send off tonight.
Late supper tonight because while in town, we had to have an ice cream cone.
With the weather getting up to 82 degrees the past 2 days, it sure helped cool us off. Till tomorrow...stay happy, healthy and enjoy life.

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