Monday, February 12, 2007

Feb 12

Not much news from me today. I headed to the post office to beat the 10am rush. I was 2nd in line and only 4 behind me. I really wouldn't have had to get there early. I received a couple of B-day cards, one from my sis in Wyo. and another from a friend in Wyo that I have know since the 1st grade. It was nice to be remembered. Thanks Jan and Karyl!!!
We had to dump the trailer sewer today. I always dread the day when it comes. Went without a hitch also.
Stopped over at Ron's and Terry's and talked there for a while. Ron got a couple of new solar lights, so naturally we had to have some too. Stainless steel tops too. Now when it's dark outside we can have the steps lit. Notice the buckets they are planted in---children use them to play with in the sand box! So now I guess it's my turn to play in the sand.
We were going to have a fire and cook outside tonight but with the breeze, decided to cook inside. Deep fried catfish nuggets, baked potatoes and salad. Cheesecake for desert. Who says we don't eat good in the desert.
Bob is going to post something later...
Hello All,,,
Sandy has been doing a great job on this site but I get 2 cents worth in once in awhile.
Sandy has mentioned the Desert Bighorn Sheep that I saw on Sat. afternoon and we saw again on Sunday heading to Blythe, Ca. But the thing that I would like to add is that after seeing the sheep on Sat afternoon I decided to take a ride thru the Dome Rock Area, famous Gold Fields.
I was tired and decided to ride around a bit. So coming down a trail, heading East towards Quartzsite, I spot this guy Gold Nugget Hunting with a Metal Detector. He was very smooth and deliberate. I pulled over a good distance from him so as not to interfere, to watch him. I could tell he was a pro.
From following the Arizona Outback Prospecting Forum for quite some time and seeing his technique, Orange Cones for griding, Red Truck, a bell rung from an earlier post. I thought this could be Keith "Lunk" Semanko, I knew he was in the area.
I sat and watched him for several minutes and decided to go on with out bothering him. I started the truck to go but I saw him coming South towards his South Grid point and decided what the heck, if I don't ask now I' ll never know. I parked the truck and walked over towards him and the only words that I could think of were, are you Lunk? and he responded "Yep".
We talked for several minutes and I didn't want to bother him any longer so I was on my way. What a Great Guy and Truly , A Professional Nugget Hunter...
For anyone interested in prospecting, go to Arizona Outback.Com. A bunch of great people.
Night All and Take Care!!

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