Thursday, February 15, 2007

Feb 14 & 15

This was our 2nd day at work, but tomorrow is Friday and we don't have to work. Can't beat a better work week than that.
We came across Quartzsites bowling alley the other day. Only one lane, 10 pins and 2 bowling balls. No waiting to bowl and scores are not kept. We won't have to buy special bowling shoes either. The snack bar consists of the food you bring in your cooler.. Pretty laid back!

Bob and I went to dinner for Valentine's day at the Grubstake. The place wasn't crowded and we got seated right away. Bob had the special of "all you can eat popcorn shrimp" and I had the delicious crab cakes. Of course they come with probably a whole sack of french fries each and cole slaw. It was wonderful! Every time we have gone to the Grubstake we have had wonderful dinners. I think the people who run the place are either from Australia or New Zealand. They have great accents and are so friendly...
We ordered a 50 gallon tank to haul our grey and black water. The 32 gallon blue boy was just too small. It was ordered on Tues. from Tempe, AZ and on Wed. we picked it up. That's pretty fast service, plus they installed the 2" threaded fitting at the base of the tank. Tomorrow we will go to the RV dealer and get the rest of the fittings and it will be ready to use this weekend.
Hope you all have a good evening. Till tomorrow!

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