Friday, February 2, 2007

Feb 2

Well, did the groundhog see his shadow in Pennsylvania? I just know it is beautiful in Arizona at the moment. 62 degrees to be exact about 6pm.

I headed into town this morning hoping to beat the line at the post office. Not too many people there, only about 8 in front of me and they were moving them out fast. Since the crowd has lessened considerably, so has the PO line. I bet the PO workers are glad when it slows down.

Grocery store lines are down also, I had to go in to get fixin's for chile. We're going over to Ron and Terry's on Sun to watch the superbowl, so I offered to take chile. Terry said he might make a batch of fry bread and we could have indian tacos. Sounds mighty tasty!

Bob did his bill paying today. After that we got on the phone trying to get papers together to get plates for the trailer. We've been working on this for about 3 weeks now. Now the bank where we have it financed, wants a faxed copy (again) of what we need. Only have 20 days to get this done. Hope it happens.

Bob enjoyed metal detecting for a couple of hours and found 1 small piece of lead, 2 small pieces of wire and a guy that drove up on a 4 wheeler that wanted to talk, talk and talk. After 30 minutes of that Bob decided it was time to just go home. Lost interest in detecting.

Bob is sitting outside in the nice weather and said he just got buzzed by a hummingbird going about 90 miles per hour.

AH---life in the desert...Hope to hear the coyotes howl again tonight under the full moon...Enjoy the evening.

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