Monday, February 5, 2007

Feb 4 & 5

We headed over to Blythe, CA in the AM to get a few things for the super bowl party. I made some chile and deviled ham dip to take over when I got back. We went over to Ron's and Terry's for the super bowl. We had all sorts of food, chips and a wonderful dip (fiesta dip) that Terry made. My team won the super bowl (Colts) and Bob's lost (Bears). The commercials weren't the greatest this year. After all the snacking we were all so full that we decided to do the Indian fry bread and Chile on Mon. evening.
On Monday (Feb 5) Bob and I had to say goodbye to our neighbors that have been parked by us for 2 weeks. Mitch and Betty Wierenga from Victoria, BC. Great people and hope to see them next year. Keep riding that bicycle Mitch!! ha ha

After the goodbyes, we headed to Wickenburg, AZ. It's about 100 miles from Quartzsite to the east. We had to get some banking done there to get license plates for the 5th wheel we bought. We were driving thru Wickenburg, trying to find a place to have lunch. All of a sudden, Bob was in the center turn lane and it ended! We had cars coming at us straight on, cars on the right and it got a little spooky. Finally a break in the traffic and we were able to turn off that crazy road. We headed back to a hamburger joint we saw coming into town. We had the best hamburger and onion rings at a place called SCREAMERS...Got to try it. !!
Headed back to Q and got home about 3:30pm, noticed the laundromat was fairly empty. So I got the chore done for the week. Then off to Ron's and Terry's for Indian fry bread (Homemade of course). Terry cooked it in the dutch oven over campfire coals. We made Indian tacos and it was soooo good...So we thank them for the great meal...
Here's a sunset on the great Arizona desert to end this post. Night all!

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