Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Feb 21

We have been lax on posting on this site, so I will bring you up to date as best I can.
On Sat. Bob went out prospecting, brought back some dirt to pan and I caught this picture of him. He also stopped at the prospecting shop and talked with them for a while. He watched the monthly coin hunt that is held in the city park. About 100 people joined in hunting for coins and tokens. There are about 1200 coins ranging from .05 - silver dollars. It last for 1 hour and after they determine who has the most coins and award prizes. Sometimes they award cash money, gold nuggets or even metal detectors.
Monday it was rainy and windy. We went to La Posa south, 2 miles south of where we are camped and had a volunteer potluck picnic. There are sure a lot of good cooks here. Larry and Phyllis (La Posa N. camp hosts) made the mouth watering pork roast in their dutch oven. They also made dutch oven potatoes with sausage and cheese. We even got some leftovers from them... We sure didn't need to eat supper that night. Our ranger (Clyde)that takes care of the LTVA and free camping areas and his wife brought a cake to thank us for hosting and volunteering.
Tuesday was post office day again since they were closed on Monday.

I went to faceting class in the afternoon. Here are a couple stones I finished today.

Bob got his taxes sent off on Tuesday. He filled the propane tank that was empty and got generator gas. He went out prospecting after my faceting class till about 6pm, came home and we had supper and called it a night.
I also found a hairdresser in town that trimmed my hair. She did a great job and works at the Desert Rose.
Wed. Bob worked at the Tyson Wash check in station. They registered 2 campers and spent the rest of the day wishing 5 o'clock would hurry up.
It's a balmy 65 degrees here at 8pm tonight. Kinda like this weather for February.

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