Monday, November 24, 2008

Nov 24, 2008

Today was a busy day at the ranch. After chores, the vet showed up to preg check cows and heifers. We got them corralled and proceeded to run them thru the chute to get checked and vaccinated. We had some wiley heifers! A couple ended up in the chute wanting to climb over the top. Some just didn't want to cooperate and get in the chute. We did finish with them and had 5 heifers that weren't bred.
Afterwards we got the sheep in the corral to sort. We had to tag ewe lambs that Elton wanted to keep and sort the others out that are going to the sale barn. We finished that and sorted the rams he wants to keep also.
Right before lunch Elton got a call saying that some cows were out that were put into the corn stalk field. We had lunch, then Elton and I headed out to the field. Gary and Henry stayed at the ranch, worked on the horse trailer and then ground some feed for the bull calves and heifers. We found the cows that were out of the field, pushed them back in, fixed the electric fence and tried to move a cow to another pasture where she wouldn't get out of. 1/2 way there, she found a way back in the corn field. It was dark by then, so we headed back to the ranch. Tomorrow we will try to get her back into a pasture that she will stay in.

Dinner tonight was deer tenderloins, mashed potatoes and green beans. Bob didn't want to cook them after all, so I ended cooking them after working a 10 hour day. They turned out great. Thanks to Ed and Pam for giving us a deer...

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