Friday, November 21, 2008

Nov 21, 2008

No pictures today but we all had a great day on the ranch.
We went to the section where the heifers were and a buyer came and looked over some heifers that were bred. He chose 25 to buy. We got them sorted for him to load and take to Colorado. We then gathered the cows that were in the pasture and had a cattle drive down the road to the corn stalk field for them to graze for a while. Henry rode the horse and I took the 4 wheeler. All went well and we had no problems.
We went back to the ranch and did chores. I had to vaccinate a sick lamb and put him in a separate pen. Henry brought back some heifers that hadn't been bred.
It was windy and cool in the morning but later on it turned out nice. The temp got to about 50 with no wind.
It's supposed to be nice thru Thanksgiving. Sure hope it holds true...

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